NEWS: El Niño Freed by Jacopo Larcher and Barbara Zangerl

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 UKC News 19 Nov 2015
Jacopo and Barbara on the summit of El Capitan, 4 kbJacopo Larcher of Italy and Barbara Zangerl of Austria recently made a free ascent of El Niño 5.13c/8a+ on El Capitan. Barbara has sent a written account of their time on the wall to UKC along with some photos.

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 Neil Foster Global Crag Moderator  UKC Supporter 19 Nov 2015
In reply to UKC News:

I never realised how much El Cap looks like Middle Cathedral......
 Wft 19 Nov 2015
In reply to UKC News:

Really inspring climbers the pair of them. It's been said before but worth saying again that Leo Houldng and Patch Hammonds onsight attempt of El Niño in 1998 still stands as one of UK climbing's high points.

The article itself could do with an edit to clear up some of the English spelling and structure to make it a more flowing read.
In reply to GuyVG: I was about to say the very same thing. Good effort on the route, sloppy effort on the editing.

Amazing climbing, far out of the reach of most. great report too, captures the excitement. I couldn't write this in German and I guess most of the earlier respondents couldn't either. If I'm wrong, let's hear your other language. Great effort you two, and thanks for sharing!!


 Wft 20 Nov 2015
In reply to the abmmc:

Hi Tom, I think you've misunderstood my post, the article itself can be edited before posting by a member of the UKC staff, this is standard practice and in no way diminishes Barbara's excellent grasp of written English.
pingpongplayer 20 Nov 2015
In reply to UKC News:

I think the editor should have spent at least 30 minutes to make this readable.

This is not what I would consider readable:
"Hansjrg Auer was a few years ago. At thetime in 2010 it was my first real crack climbing experience and everything felt so hard that Icouldnt even move -the big cracks were the worst and of course they are still the worst!The process oflearning something new in climbing kept motivation highfor this style and I startedto dream about free-climbing a route on El Cap. I can remember it like yesterday when we were hanging on Secret Passage onthe right side ofEl Capitan."

It is embarrassing, not for Barbara, but for the editor. The missing spaces are a copy paste problem. Some of the English could easily be improved without any changes in meaning or style.

As for the overall attitude of the report: I really like it. Babsi and Jacopo are awesome.

Zillas 22 Nov 2015
In reply to UKC News:

I think it was a misunderstanding that caused this obviously unedited text to be published.
Hopefully Babsi and Jacopo can sort it out with UKC.

Otherwise: Impressive performance, amazing spirit - as always with Babsi....
 BrainoverBrawn 22 Nov 2015
In reply to pingpongplayer:

V. Readable to me. Words together are a problem on text editing devices that are quite new and I have been forced to go back dozens of times it feels like for some words that a machine doesn't recognise. I imagine pressing send reanimates it sometimes too.
Despite the joined up however this was readable for me and I don't know what else might have been said that was better.
In reply to pingpongplayer:

It's perfectly readable. Get over yourself.

In reply to pingpongplayer:

There was a HTML error which caused these changes to occur after posting - I edited Barbara's text but the missing characters and spaces only appeared a few hours later after changes had been applied elsewhere on the site.

Apologies for the inconvenience - it'll be sorted later once we have recovered from Kendal

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