ARTICLE: Fat Tyres and Quickdraws: Mountain Biking and Sport Climbing in the Peak

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 UKC Articles 13 Sep 2021

There's a long history of great rock climbers being 'lost' to the addictive pain and dodgy lycra of road biking, but I've not heard of that many trading in quickdraws, cams and Ronhills for '140 mm of suspension up front', full face helmets and flappy clothing baggy enough to get over body armour.

Toby Archer shares a tale of a cycle-climb adventure between crags in the Peak District. 

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Good article - I enjoyed that!

In reply to rj_townsend:

Cheers! Glad you enjoyed it and I hope the article gives a bit of inspiration to other folk to try some similar silly day out in their local area.

I wonder where else might work like around here in the Peak? I've definitely looked seriously myself at doing a similar sport climb and mountain bike ride in the Yorkshire Dales - but maybe you could do something similar in the South Wales Valleys maybe? Around Portland perhaps? Find the Goldilocks formula of bridleway and crag density seems to be the thing.

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