ARTICLE: Finding my Place in Climbing

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 UKC Articles 13 Sep 2022

This spring I was gifted with a seat at Patagonia's Clean Climbing event in Manchester. Me, an average guy with a small handful of outdoor climbs under my belt, suddenly having a beer with Jerry Moffatt, Emma Twyford and Pete Whittaker. What was I doing there?

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 Kenny Stocker 13 Sep 2022
In reply to UKC Articles:

Thanks for sharing this. I was one of those lucky enough to be introduced to the outdoors by my parents - and although I didn't necessarily realise it at the time; hanging on to tent poles at 2am in the morning, or walking sodden down the Lairig Ghru in boil in the bag waterproofs I guess I did also find myself in nature. I hope that beer was as crisp and refreshing as your writing, looking forward to seeing much more.

 Andy Hardy 14 Sep 2022
In reply to UKC Articles:

I don't normally comment about dislikes, but I'd love to know why anyone clicked on the thumbs down after reading this 

"For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of giving, I can't recommend it enough. Take someone climbing, and make it about them. Give them all the knowledge you can. More importantly, give them all the support and kindness you received (or wish you did) when you started. Feel how magical this is."

(I gave it a like just to even things up)

 john arran 14 Sep 2022
In reply to Andy Hardy:

I gave it a like because it was a well written article which enthusiastically conveyed positive sentiments and hopes for an activity we all know and love. Difficult to see how anyone could disagree to the point of clicking the spiteful meanie button.

 yodadave 14 Sep 2022
In reply to john arran:

just to rub up against playing Devils advocate....

I wouldn't give the article a dislike BUT.... 

I did want more from the article. Apart from the quote above and some of the bits on familia I wanted a more impassioned article. Yes the author is probably typing to the UKC demographic which probably fits the stated percentages in the article but still.

I guess all I'm saying, rather than playing Devils Advocate is that I think UKC could draw more out of some of these opinion pieces they occasionally publish. Climbing writers can be some of the most engaging writers I've ever read so sometimes my standards are rather impossibly high.

I would love a follow up article in an interview format with say Greenwood? I think he'd ask great questions 

 madwud 23 Sep 2022
In reply to UKC Articles:

You're right, of course, Carlos. All communities should be able to find their place in climbing. But don't forget that 87% of the UK population is (was) White (2011 census). This said it would be interesting to know why participation by climbers from BAME backgrounds is still only 7%.

I know there is anecdotal evidence that kids from Asian British and Black households may not be  introduced to the outdoors by their parents as much as white kids. I also wonder if the particular lack of diversity in climbing can be explained by kids from a minority ethnic background being more than 13% likely to be from urban cities and towns.

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