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UKC News - on 19 Oct 2011
NEWSAR (North East Wales Search and Rescue), 5 kbTwo of the mountain rescue teams in North Wales are applying for the NatWest Community Force grant - a scheme which enables local projects and charities to raise money via a grant from NatWest - and they need your votes NOW!
The two teams are NEWSAR (North East Wales Search and Rescue) which is...

AdCo82 on 19 Oct 2011
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richprideaux - on 19 Oct 2011
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Jonny2vests - on 19 Oct 2011
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Kyuzo on 20 Oct 2011
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Voted, good luck!
christopher bate on 20 Oct 2011 -
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Thanks to everybody who has voted for us so far ! Please Please Please keep voting and get your friends family and work colleagues to vote as well. We are only just in the lead and this grant means a lot to us, and you never know if one day you may need our help.


Kind Regards

Chris B
NEWSAR team member
Jonny2vests - on 20 Oct 2011
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lioness84 - on 20 Oct 2011
In reply to UKC News: voted and posted on facebook for others to vote too! Thanks for your hard work UKC and North Wales Mountain Rescue!

The way the scheme runs means that there are different regions for the various grants. The two MRs here are in different regions therefore your vote will count for both of them and both can win when voting ends on Sunday.

Dribble223 - on 20 Oct 2011
In reply to Alan James - UKC:

It's a shame UKC don't appear to be supporting ALL of the MREW teams who are applying for this grant- a little unfair surely?
In reply to Dribble223:

We are supporting all the MRTs who have contacted us and supplied us with information.

If there are others, I am happy to add them but they do need to contact us.

toad - on 20 Oct 2011
In reply to UKC News: Having voted, I'm going to say I really don't like "public votes" for good causes. The groups with a large fanbase, or a well organised membership will always come out tops, and those causes which are no less worthy, but less glamorous or, worse, dealing with unpopular, or unglamorous causes (hypothetical example, a probation charity) will always come unstuck.

I'd be interested to see a breakdown of the votes for all the MR teams at the end of this, and see if it correlates with the popularity of the areas they cover, or with the importance of the funding to the team. I'm going to guess it'll be the former.
richprideaux - on 20 Oct 2011
In reply to toad:
Once the voting closes I'll post on here to say if we were successful or not. I can also post how many votes our team (NEWSAR) and Aberglaslyn MRT each got. As for popularity and voting, all I can say is that the competition is quite close at the moment in our region.

So a big thankyou to all that have voted and supported two of the less well-known MR teams!

I'd also like to thank Alan and the team at UKC for supporting the two North Wales teams that are bidding in the scheme.

Deputy Team Leader
In reply to UKC News: Voted . Good luck to all!
Gerald Davison - on 20 Oct 2011
In reply to UKC News: Not quite sure why, but the Nat West have just updated their terms and conditions for the website and are now accepting votes up to midday on Monday 24th October.
rorschach - on 20 Oct 2011
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Voted. A good cause.
tiga271 - on 20 Oct 2011
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Just voted , takes about 30 secs to register - very easy.
The Mole - on 21 Oct 2011
In reply to Dribble223: You can search for other projects on the website - I have just used my third vote for Kinder MRT

Brilliant effort from UKC Readers - we have added 500 votes to AMRT and NEWSAR in the last 24 hours!

I have just added Moffatt MRT to the article .

You can use your third vote for them (and they appear to need some votes!) - - currently 94 votes

Other MRTs I have found are:

Assynt Mountain Rescue - - currently 239 votes

Lomond Mountain Rescue Team - - currently 285 votes

I can't find the Kinder NRT using the search. Feel free to post links to others.

Simon Caldwell - on 21 Oct 2011
In reply to Alan James - UKC:
Rossendale & Pendle

Note there are two sites (Scotland) and (England & Wales)
In reply to Toreador:

Seems to be a very unpredictable search system. 'Mountain rescue' came up with very little this morning, and 'Kinder' got no results.


Someone has pointed out that you can have three votes for the England and Wales ones, and then register again for the Scottish ones.

See article for instructions -

Just over an hour left to vote. Please take the trouble to register and vote if you haven't done so yet.

Since we set up the article a few more MRTs have got in touch. Everyone has a total of 6 votes, 3 for the NateWest England and Wales version, and 3 for the RBS Scotland version.

Register here for the Nat West version -

NEWSAR (North East Wales Search and Rescue) - (currently 828 votes)

AMRT (Aberglaslyn Mountain Rescue Team) - (currently 882)

Kinder Mountain Rescue Team - (currently 147)

Then on the RBS version, register here -

Moffat Mountain Rescue Team - (currently 147)

Lomond Mountain Rescue Team - (currently 367)

Assynt Mountain Rescue - (currently 285)

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