ARTICLE: Holding on to Waste? A Very Rubbish Climbing Event

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 UKC Articles 20 Nov 2017
Rocking between slippery painted tyres., 3 kbA bouldering competition in Rennes, France was recently organised around the theme of reusing and repurposing objects and materials. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to set and climb a route made up of bowling balls, potties and washing machines? Olivier Lhopiteau of CPB Rennes Escalade did just that.

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 tingle 20 Nov 2017
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This is going to be a very unpopular opinion, and I’m glad people are thinking critically about recycling. But what does this achieve apart from being quirky? These items are still going to be brightly coloured waste after the show, they won’t just become permenant fixtures. Just recycle your tyres and washing machines the regular way so they can be actually reused as new things or as energy. Or am I missing the point entirely?
 leewil86 21 Nov 2017
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What a load of old b****cks.
 BrendanO 21 Nov 2017
In reply to tingle:

You may well be right!

I enjoyed reading the article, hats-off to Olivier for getting past all the people who probably told him it would be dangerous, uncommercial, etc.

Now I have taken the clickbait and read the article, I know that someone is making bowling balls into climbing holds (and have thought "I could do that"), so there's one more re-use step I didn't know about.

I think it MAY get people to think about the 3 Rs, of which recycling is the least best option...but you may be right and it may just be a bunch of beardstroking hipsters who talk the talk but buy a new car every 5 years.

I'm gonna go with the positive.
 Andy Cloquet 21 Nov 2017
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