ARTICLE: How to Start Indoor Climbing

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 UKC Articles 11 Jan 2022

Indoor climbing is now an Olympic sport and all the cool kids are giving it a go, from Jeremy Corbyn to Aquaman and maybe even your Nan. While getting into the sport can seem daunting—especially if you have a fear of heights—the reality is very different to the 'extreme sport' image so often peddled in the mainstream media. Sure, you might go on to become the next Alex Honnold, but even the world's most famous rock climbing free soloist "learned the ropes" (sorry) indoors.

Here's a step-by-step guide to getting into this growing sport that's verging on peak popularity...

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In reply to UKC Articles:

Nice article Natalie - though any beginner who can climb V3 should keep it to themselves as that kind of thing just makes me feel bad!

 HeMa 11 Jan 2022
In reply to Paul Sagar:

Indeed, a really nice article. 

as for the grade one climbs tge first time they try climbing. Well, V1 to V3 is pretty spot on or common. Outliers exist, such as one keen teen who started tickin’ V6s (and the grades weren’t soft at that place, I often have more change of flashing a V5 outdoors than a V4 at that gym).

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