NEWS: IFSC World Combined Championships Innsbruck: Report

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 UKC News 17 Sep 2018
The first senior 'Olympic' Combined event took place at the Innsbruck 2018 World Championships last weekend. Following multiple rounds of qualifiers, semi-finals and finals in the individual discipline competitions, the 6 top-scoring athletes across Speed, Boulder and Lead competed in a separate Combined final in one day, involving three rounds of Speed, a Boulder final and a Lead final.

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 WillRobertson 18 Sep 2018
In reply to UKC News:

What format did the speed take? 

 Derek Ryden 19 Sep 2018
In reply to UKC News:

I really enjoyed watching this, but, sadly, the first outing for the "Olympic format" revealed a weakness which many had always suspected would be there.

1. Speed specialists are a different breed, so don't fare well in the other two disciplines, and therefore don't make it to the final.

2. For non-speed specialists, i.e. everyone in the final, speed climbing is something of a lottery, as witnessed by the number of false starts and slips, notably in the women's event.

3. To a degree, the effect is like multiplying the bouldering and lead scores by a random number between one and six.

If this pattern is repeated in the Olympics themselves, I hope that the powers that be will be persuaded to separate the events at future games, rather than the alternative - to chuck climbing out altogether.


In reply to WillRobertson:

3 rounds - 3 races in 1/4 finals, then semis with two races, then a big and small final round to decide the podium.

Page 94 here has a diagram:

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