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Björn Pohl - UKC - on 24 Dec 2009
[The LowDown: Jonathan Siegrist, another American gangster, 2 kb]Jonathan Siegrist is currently in orbit (kind of) around the world (well Asia, really) and has reached Yangshou in China, a place heaps of 4 sided pinnacles like to call home. In short, he dispatched everything in sight, including Lightning, 8b+, Thunder, 8b+, the imaginatively named China climb,...


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Björn on 22 Jan 2010 - thelowdown-blog
well... I suppose it could, but I haven't seen it myself.
anais on 22 Jan 2010 - thelowdown-blog
just not understanding something... Mike fuselier and axel balley are the only one to equip (fill out...don t know how to say that) this route...Thanks maybe the first word..and i m wondering: who knows how the hold was at first out of them and big up?...mono depends of your finger size...mike put 2 finger in it, me, as a girl 5 fingers...and you maybe 3....
everything looks like OK with locals climbers on the video...
and about "french gangster" from chris....well...chris has never remove any hold? you're kidding!
Anonymous on 01 Mar 2010 - thelowdown-blog
so.. removing a spike turns a mono into a three finger pocket?

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