/ NEWS: Jonathan Siegrist repeats Jumbo Love, 9b

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UKC News - on 17 May 2018
Jonathan Siegrist on Jumbo Love, 9b, Clark Mountain, Nevada, 3 kbJonathan Siegrist has repeated Chris Sharma's Jumbo Love, 9b, at Clark Mountain. Nevada.

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JLS on 18 May 2018
In reply to UKC News:

I do like Jonathan Siegrist's no nonsense analytical approach to his climbing.

He gives the impression of a man that, through hard work, is exploiting every ounce of his natural talent rather than just relying on the talent to make up for short comings in training and application.

stp - on 18 May 2018
In reply to JLS:

Yeah I agree. There's a good interview with him about the route on Rock and Ice.

Interesting that he doesn't think the route suits him: harder for the short and not much finger strength needed which he says is his main strength. But it sounds like he spent a lot of time training specifically for the route this year. So yeah, a lot of hard work and dedication.

I also hadn't realised Alex Megos tried the route recently too.

For doing hard climbs (grade 9s) he's the second most accomplished American in history, only just behind Chris Sharma. Sharma has done 39 whilst Siegrist has now done 36. Admittedly Chris has done far more 9b's but it's still really impressive given the all the other talented climbers in the US.

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