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Lockdown Quiz - Week 6 Answers

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Week 6 of the Lockdown quiz is now closed, and a random winner has been selected, so we can now reveal the answers below...

This was the last week, we hope you enjoyed the run! We'll announce overall prize winners next week

Classic Rock
1) ⬆
Arrow Route (VD)
2) 🔑🆗👃
Cioch Nose (VD)
3) 🏹⛰
Archer Ridge (S)
4) ⬛😐
Squareface (VD)
5) 🙏🏻
Hope (VD)
6) 🔝⛵
Topsail (VS 4c)
7) 👿↙
The Devil's Slide (HS 4a)
8) 🐶😁
Terrier's Tooth (HS 4b)

Hardest Routes in Britain
9) 👊👼🚪
Knockin' on Heaven's Door (E9 6c)
10) 🔭
Hubble (9a)
11) 🅰
The Ace (f8B)
12) 💣💥💥💥
The Big Bang (9a)
13) 🎲🎲💧
Die By The Drop (E10 7a)

14) ⬛🚗🔥
Black Car Burning (E7 6c)
15) 🎄🍑
Christmas Crack (HS 4a)
16) 🍊🐒
Orang-outang (E2 5c)
17) 🐍
The Asp (E3 6a)
18) ♚🐵
King Kong (E3 6a)
19) 👦=👦
Boys Will Be Boys (E6 6b)
20) 🐔-🗣
Headless Chicken (E5 6b)

Hard Rock
21) 🤐
Gob (HVS 4c)
22) 🏏
The Bat (E2 5b)
23) 💭🦄🦄
A Dream of White Horses (HVS 4c)
24) ♕🏘
Coronation Street (WW) (E1 5b)
25) 👍🎀🔗
Great - Bow Combination (HVS 5a)

Extreme Rock
26) 🌃😈🔆📅
Darkinbad the Brightdayler (E5 6a)
27) 🇮🇳😑
Indian Face (E9 6c)
28) ❤
Hairless Heart (E5 5c)
29) 😱
Dreadnought (E3 5c)
30) ✋🛬
The Promised Land (E3 6a)
31) 🐲🦄
Mythical Monster (E2 5c)
32) ➡
Eastern Hammer (E3 6a)
33) ♔📍
Kingpin (E3 6a)
34) 🌍
Internationale (E2 5b)
35) 📏🐖
Edgehog (E3 5c)
36) 🐦-👣
Footless Crow (E6 6c)

37) 👗👧👧=⚰
Pretty Girls Make Graves (E6 6b)
38) 🌧
Rainshadow (9a)
39) ⚪⚪⚪🍫
Three Pebble Slab (HVS 5a)
40) 🤗 
Careless Torque (f8A)

 Dave Rudkin 20 May 2020
In reply to Natalie Berry - UKC:

Thanks for the great quizzes, they’ve really hit the spot.

In reply to Natalie Berry - UKC:

I must be dumb but how do you get to The Promised Land and Careless Torque?

In reply to Misha:

Oops, missing emoji. Still one of the more cryptic ones though!

🤗 🤐Careless Torque

(Care emoji, zipped mouth ("less talk") (sorry, pretty bad!)


✋🛬The Promised Land

(hand held up in promise, plane landing)

In reply to Natalie Berry - UKC:

That's a great one for Careless Torque... once the missing emoji is included!

I thought the plane one was Return of the Natives. Something to do with locals protesting against people coming to their area during Covid. Been reading too many Covid related threads and news...

In reply to Natalie Berry - UKC:

Care + less talk. Ha - very good. This was the one I couldn't get!!! Thanks for a great series. I've thoroughly enjoyed the many hours of my time it has occupied. Cheers!

Post edited at 03:05
 steveboote 22 May 2020
In reply to Natalie Berry - UKC:

I’d like to think I wasn’t the only one who got 39) wrong with ‘cover me in chocolate and feed me to the lesbians’ 🙂

Post edited at 20:40
In reply to Bolton Sixpack:

Thanks! Most came from Ian Fenton and friends, Tom Ripley and Rob Greenwood. I just messed about with emojis and some trivia in week 1!

Maybe we'll do more quizzes in future, just not one per week - it was quite a commitment when we were very busy anyway!


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