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UKC News - on 11 Feb 2010
[A still shot from the new and highly controversial film 'Nanga Parbat'., 4 kb]The newly released film 'Nanga Parbat' has reignited a blazing feud surrounding the death of G√ľnther Messner.

The film has come under widespread criticism for its defamatory characterisation of several now dead expedition members.


3leggeddog on 11 Feb 2010
In reply to UKC News: There is no such thing as bad publicity
Scarab - on 11 Feb 2010
In reply to UKC News:

Havent seen the film or know much about the story, but if the accusations are true, then I think Messner should just have aged gracefully...
Ackbar - on 11 Feb 2010
In reply to UKC News: In a similar vein, the relatively recent Nordwand film made the two Austrian climbers into incompetent villians. Film makers often need villians as they think film goers are too stupid to understand that life is not so black and white. It seems that the same "pathology" that made Messner a great climber also makes him a bit of an arse. But I guess it's complicated.
Hardonicus - on 11 Feb 2010
In reply to Ackbar: I think when it got to the point that the chick bivvied out next to ol' Kurz I stopped worrying about that films accurate portrayal of anything...
Epic Ebdon on 11 Feb 2010
In reply to UKC News:

I saw this film about 3 weeks ago with my girlfriend, in the original German. She wasn't previously aware of the story of the Messners on Nanga Parbat, and I tried to explain on the way to the cinema, but she was still left baffled by what actually went on in the film. I don't think the problem was that it was too technical on the climbing side, I just don't think it was any more than average, as a film. In fact, she came out of the cinema saying how she actually felt more sympathy for Herrligkoffer, than Messner, and asking why Messner had been so arrogant on the mountain. All this despite it being Messner's own side of the story. Perhaps that just means that he can't see where he's gone wrong, and sees his behaviour and attitude as completely justified.

Regardless of the accuracy of the story, (and we'll never have a proper answer as to the rights and wrongs of it) Messner doesn't come across well, and indeed the film as a whole will not go down as one of the greats of mountain films. I agree wholeheartedly with the review linked, and would suggest it's worth a read before you go and see the film!

Wry Gob - on 12 Feb 2010
In reply to Epic Ebdon:

So we have a really badly made and badly acted film, recounting an already murky and much-debated story involving a whole host of 'large personalities'. It's not really going to show anyone in a good light that, and it's certainly not going to shed any light on the truth of events.
EZ on 13 Feb 2010
In reply to Wry Gob:

> a really badly made and badly acted film

But what is the cinematography like? I couldn't care if these people want to continue an old Sicilian family feud. Everyone always has a different view of events because they see them from different positions, both emotional and physical, so.... what's the cinematography like?
Epic Ebdon on 15 Feb 2010
In reply to EZ:

Ok. Some nice pictures of mountains. But nothing particuarly groundbreaking or special (over and above, "there are shots of nanga parbat and Tyrol"). It's certainly no touching the void in terms of cinematography.


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