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NEWS: New Access Problems on Mallorca

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 UKC News 11 Sep 2019

There are some new access requirements for climbing in The Sierra de Tramuntana area of Mallorca which cover many of the crags. A free permit system has been introduced but the system behind it is not reliable. Two local climbers have given us their take on the situation and explained what you should do.

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 RandomUsername 11 Sep 2019
In reply to UKC News:

Even using Google Translate, those forms are a bit hard to interpret. Anyone any clue what is supposed to go into section entitled "Expose"?

 RupertD 11 Sep 2019
In reply to RandomUsername:

The documents are in Catalan not Spanish - change Google Translate to Catalan and it should make more sense.

 SuperLee1985 19 Sep 2019
In reply to RandomUsername:

I am having the same problem I have translated most of it, but i'm not sure what should go in the Expos section. 

Any help would be appreciated.


In reply to UKC News:

Haven’t had any issues whatsoever over the last two weeks, and have climbed at several crags in the protected area. Local climbers do not seem to think there is any risk of getting fined. 

In reply to UKC News and SuperLee1985:

Thanks for the useful article Alan and for sharing your experiences SuperLee1985.

Has anyone else had any experiences in the past month or so? Thanks

 Townssj 21 Nov 2019
In reply to UKC News:

I just tried to submit a permit application and I got this response... (translated by google translate). The linked website looks impenetrable to me. Heading there on Saturday... Will let you know what happens  


We inform you that in compliance with Law 39/2015, dated October 1, of the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations, no requests can be submitted through the authorizations authorizations@dgmambie.caib.es. The documents must be directed to the General Directorate of Natural Environment and Biodiversity of the Ministry of Environment and Territory, according to the instructions established in this link, either for electronic or face-to-face presentation - this option includes a list Institutions with an agreement with the GOIB where the documentation can be presented. https://www.caib.es/sites/atenciociutadania/ca/pagina_dinici-21357/?campa=yes The service of Natural Spaces.

 Townssj 01 Dec 2019
In reply to Townssj:

Well, we did a full week, 5 different crags across the Sierra Tramantana - no sign of anyone wanting to check permits, nothing. 


This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.