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 UKC News 14 May 2009
[Owen Samuel and Rocio Siemens outside their home on the Llanberis high street, 3 kb]Today sees the start of a new mini-series. Relocate gives an insider's view on what it is like to live and climb in an area of the UK. Areas covered so far include Sheffield, Fort William, North Wales, London, Devon, Lake District and more.

If you're thinking about moving somewhere else in the UK, or if you'd just like to know what it's like living in Fort William or Devon, these articles could be for you.


 Misha 14 May 2009
In reply to UKC News:
No doubt many of us have wondered where in the UK would be the ideal place to live for a climber. Of course there are lots of annoying practical details like employment opportunities which also need to be considered. I look forward to finding out a bit more about various places.

I live in Birmingham and like to think that it's a pretty good compromise between accessibility to crags (not near to anywhere but not too far from anywhere either) and availability of job opportunities. Or am I just deluding myself?
 Wingnut 15 May 2009
In reply to Misha:
Downsides of Brum (imho): Evening cragging has to be a midsummer-only thing (unless you like climbing in the dark), lots of travelling to get to any climbable rock, most climbing best done as weekends away which means that if you don't like camping you will end up either miserable or skint.

Upsides of Brum (imho): Only climbing areas that aren't reasonably weekendable are in Scotland, so plenty of choice (eg if raining in Cumbria, head for Dartmoor instead, can make either by last orders with a prompt start from work), if you like camping (which I do) then you've got the perfect excuse, and once you've made the effort to get somewhere then you *will* end up getting something done no matter how bad the weather and your hangover are. Usual big-city amenities, jobs etc, two good walls actually in Brum plus various others within a short journey if you fancy a change.

Depends what you want from life, probably.
 GrahamD 15 May 2009
In reply to UKC News:

No mention of Cambridge in that list, I see. Once again East Anglia is overlooked by the climbing establishment.
 Kevster 15 May 2009
In reply to GrahamD:
I know, it's a mecca for our sport! some excellent indoor facilities too...
 Misha 15 May 2009
In reply to Wingnut:
That's spot on!

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