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UKC News - on 15 Aug 2013
Joe Beaumont, 5 kbFollowing a life changing accident on a crag in the Lake District, Joe Beaumont is undertaking a huge challenge to raise money for Mountain Rescue.

Dome Bush is filming the challenge, and they are looking for your support...


bud the dog - on 15 Aug 2013
In reply to UKC News:
I will be making a donation. Like Joe I bust my leg up bad and ended up in a frame. I have the utmost respect for the mountain rescue teams and NHS. It really does my head in that mountain rescue have to fund raise to survive, and the NHS is getting all this bad press. People don’t know there born in this country!

Fredt on 15 Aug 2013
In reply to UKC News:

Nowhere in the Kickstarter site does it mention any fundraising for Mountain Rescue. Only the UKC news headline.

On the Kickstarter website, where we are asked to pledge the money, there is a link entitled, "what are you spending the money on?."

And the answer is:

"Making films to a professional level takes time and expertise. Part of this budget is reserved for post production (that's basically editing and putting the film together) but most is specifically for our expeditions, that's food for 6 people, fuel for two live in vehicles, contingencies and kit"

So UKC News, where is the money going? Mountain Rescue or making a film?
Jim Fraser - on 15 Aug 2013
In reply to Fredt:
> (In reply to UKC News)
> So UKC News, where is the money going? Mountain Rescue or making a film?

Very good question.

The whole 'we're doing this for charity' thing has always been a problem for me. If your a really good guy then shut the f# up and write the cheque.

There is also the question of the Joe's own personal financial security after two yearsof this. That may be just fine but at the first thought of this I wondered if he can afford to live, which is more important than filming expenses.

Wasdale MRT? Good cause. What's wrong with Scafell Pike and Wast Water?

Shaw Brown - on 15 Aug 2013
In reply to Fredt:

I made a pledge to Dom Bush and Joe Beaumont via Kickstarter before the UKC article. I don't know either of them and came across the project via Facebook. I was very impressed with the project and the made the pledge assuming the money wasn't for the Mountain rescue, if they are going to raise money for the MR too then that's great.

I am a bit surprised at the tone of your post, not the question, just the way it has been put. It seems to insinuate that this is not a worthwhile project if it is not raising money for the MR, I hope I have misunderstood.

We all seem happy donating money to aid rescuing people, why not help to aid their recovery? From my own experience (on a minor scale) these sort of challenges are essential for rehabilitation.

I am looking forward to the finished film too.

Steve nevers on 15 Aug 2013
In reply to Fredt:
> (In reply to UKC News)
> Nowhere in the Kickstarter site does it mention any fundraising for Mountain Rescue. Only the UKC news headline.

More info from In The Frame, (hosted on most websites covering it, including the BMC.):

'The film will be premiered at Kendal Film Festival in November, and sold as a download. All proceeds from the download will go to charity: 75% to Mountain Rescue and 25% towards the BMC Access and Conservation Trust.'

Maybe read a little more about the project before kicking off.
Fredt on 15 Aug 2013
In reply to Steve nevers:

I didn't think I was "kicking off". I said it wasn't clear where the money was going.

UKC said the money was going to Mountain Rescue.
The Kickstarter page said the money would be spent on making a film.
I read the entire Kickstarter page and watched both videos, looking for confirmation that the money was for Mountain Rescue,- there was no mention.

I didn't trawl round other websites for clarification, I thought I'd ask the question on here, because on here UKC said the money would go to Mountain Rescue. (They didn't say 75% of the money would go to mountain rescue)

If Joe succeeds, I will make a 100% donation to Mountain Rescue. OK?.
Steve nevers on 15 Aug 2013
In reply to Fredt:

Wouldn't be the first time UKC reporting has made a mistake/missed something. TBh i'm fairly shocked the BMC link or even the facebook page for the project isn't there.

As for saying your 'kicking off' its just the tone in the last line of your message seemed fairly aggressive, much like the last line in the message i'm replying too.

You could make a donation to MR if he succeeds or not.
domanka - on 15 Aug 2013
In reply to UKC News: Good luck man, hope all goes well!
Bouldering Ben - on 15 Aug 2013
In reply to UKC News:

Kickstarter page says he injured his left side of his body, but cage is on right leg in video and photos...?

Is it wise to do such a strenuous journey with a half healed leg? It might cause longer term problems and affect its healing, might have been best to let it fully heal and then complete challenge?

Good luck anyway.
CragRat11 - on 16 Aug 2013
In reply to UKC News: Hi folks

Dom from Land and Sky Media here.

Just to hopefully clear a couple of things up, as it says the Kickstarter is to raise money for the expedition and make a film.

We are selling the film and donating 100% of the profits to charity. So, put in a simple way, we are covering an engaging story that can inspire people and in turn raise money for a good cause.

Kickstarter do not allow direct fund raising through their site, hence the reason we are using it for the film budget and then selling the finished film for charity.

To all who have supported this, including UKC. Thank you!

Simonfarfaraway - on 16 Aug 2013
In reply to CragRat11: A great, worthwhile project that I have already supported. Initially (for a split second) I had the thought that the kickstarter thing was to raise money to fund an 'adventure', but when I looked at the project properly I quickly realised how valuable it is. This guy had a bad accident and is still on the long journey of recovery, both physically and possibly mentally. He is clearly rebuilding his life, and doing some amazing challenges, supporting a project to film this, and also in turn raise awareness and the MRT link is great.
This guy has completed a triathalon with an external fixator on his leg (incredible). Support the project (p.s. I don't personally know Joe, but am inspired by his story and this project).
Morgan P - on 16 Aug 2013
In reply to UKC News: Sounds like a great cause! I've been helped out by mountain rescue before as well and have always been meaning to give something back. How much is usually made from climbing film downloads? E.g. are you going to get more than the £3000 investment back in sales for the donation?

Of course the film itself is also a worthy investment for those recovering from injuries, just curious
mcdweeb - on 16 Aug 2013
I had an Ilizarov myself for nearly a year about 10 years after a climbing injury in similar circumstances (crampon induced in my case) and had the leg lengthening procedure, its not a lot of fun and it was a life changing experience.
In the end I used the experience as the stimulus for a career change and I guess a lot of folk recovering from severe injuries have the same need to make something positive out of such a horrible experience, good luck with your endeavours.
Paul B - on 18 Aug 2013
In reply to Bouldering Ben:
I was fitted with a 'lizzy' after a freak bouldering accident and the surgeons pretty much insisted that the best (and only) thing I could do to aid recovery was walk on it as much as I could (and keep the pin holes as clean as humanly possible to avoid infection).

I did also once drop a few metres onto my frame and I can say that hurt like hell and set back my walking progress by about a month.

This sounds like a tough plan, good luck.
ablackett - on 18 Aug 2013
In reply to UKC News: He only needs £300 quid more to hit his £3000 target to get things moving, that's 12 people, £25 each and if you donate £25 you get a free t shirt and film download. Inspiring story.
CragRat11 - on 19 Aug 2013
In reply to UKC News: thanks for your messages of support. We did it!

From all of the team we extend a huge thanks to all those who have donated, shared it around and got behind us.

We have 5 days left which leaves us with the question, do we stop there or do we keep going?

Judging by the huge amount of support we have had so far we feel should keep going, so I have spent time today confirming a series of lectures, starting at ALPKIT's Big Shakeout Festival and The Lakeland Climbing Centre.

If we can hit £3500 or more we will set three more lecture dates.

There is a competition to win the haul of LYON and BMC goodies still running until the Kickstarter completion date so if you want to enter it head over to the In the Frame Facebook.

Thanks again!

Dom and Joe

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