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UKC News - on 20 Feb 2008
Shane Ohly has set a new winter record for the Ramsay Round in a time of 29:59:34 The previous winter record was 33:48:00 set by Gary Tompsett in 2003.

"My round was solo, unsupported and largely 'on-sight' as my recce efforts earlier in the winter were consistently thwarted by poor weather".

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Mark Stevenson - on 20 Feb 2008
In reply to UKC News: You forgot to provide a decent description of the round for the un-initiated or any online links such as:

PS Good effort Shane!
Pinkelephant - on 20 Feb 2008
In reply to UKC News:

Good effort!

The only thing is that it wasn't very wintry if it was in the last few days.
Alex Roddie - on 20 Feb 2008
In reply to UKC News:
Wow, that's a fine effort!
Banned User 77 - on 20 Feb 2008
In reply to Pinkelephant: It's a winter round. 16 hrs or so in darkness, cold temps, some snow cover. And it's the fastest winter round ever. Superb effort.

There can never be a standard winter round, so talk of records should be tapered a bit in winter as there's no standard round, all you can do is run your round and record your time and conditions.

For example you can't compare JF's winter round with OS's, both incredible undertakings.

On a year of no or little snow cover, a full moon and a stable high I don't doubt a supported sub 24 round is possible.
Pinkelephant - on 20 Feb 2008
In reply to IainRUK:

Oh yeah, definitely. Just saying that compared with Gary Thompsetts run it wasn't very wintry.

I suppose it's like climbing Psychedelic wall early season in thin wall nick or end of season in fat ice slab nick - it's both a winter ascent.
Dan Webber on 20 Feb 2008 - whois?
In reply to UKC News:

Nice one Shane well done mate.

Colin Matheson - on 20 Feb 2008
In reply to UKC News:


Your navigation was obviously better than when you ran around that National Orienteering Event in the Lake District last year! No running around in circles this time?

Must have been a good headtorch and battery.

Best Regards

James Edwards - on 20 Feb 2008
In reply to UKC News:
UKC should get in touch with Nick Carter as i think he has a time for this which may be relivant to this record.
I think he wore plastic boots and had to use crampons because there was quite a lot of snow.
Bob on 20 Feb 2008
In reply to IainRUK:

Actually, good firm (but not icy hard) snow cover would make things easier, especially on the heathery sections. would also help if the ridges were mostly clear

Henry Iddon - on 21 Feb 2008
In reply to UKC News:

Good work Shane.
Gazzer on 22 Feb 2008 -
In reply to UKC News: Pinkelephant. It was definately more wintry than my round. In that although there may have been less snow, and it didn't snow whilst Shane was on the round (as it did on my round) it was much colder, and with less daylight hours, and Shane had to negotiate some serious frozen slopes - I know cos I've spoken with Shane. John Fleetwood's 60hr? round was a solo winter herculean epic if anyone wants to look that one up. Gary T.
Full moon addict - on 22 Feb 2008
In reply to Gazzer: tremendous effort to get round in that time. sounded very committing with jettison of gear. I was up in the higlands then and the snow was very limited but rock hard so would have been interesting on steep bits with just orienteering shoes. you could avoid nearly all of it, but where you couldn't it was hard snow. i'm surprised shane was able to kick steps with those shoes in snow that hard. he'll have some nice toes now!

I still find the concept of a 'record' a bit strange. I guess thats the definition of the fastest, but comparison is so difficult given vastly different conditions. My (47 hours 55 mins) round was totally different but there was no way you'd have been able to do it in that style in those conditions. Anyway I'm sure someone will crack the 24 hours sometime, but it would be nice if it were properly snowy.

I had a similar experience re bonking on a winter BG attempt - you can exist on little calories for a while but it catches up with you eventually!

Well done shane

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