OI NEWS: OutDoor 2012 Report: Camping Gear

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 UKC Gear 17 Aug 2012
OutDoor Camping Gear Montage Image 2012, 5 kbA selection of new and coming-soon camping gear, which stood out to us at OutDoor 2012...

 wee jamie 17 Aug 2012
In reply to UKC Gear: Love the look of the Crux tents, but if they're single skin, why put the poles through fiddly sleeves? Surely RAB's design of the poles being inside and just pushed into the corners is simpler and quicker to pitch?
Why would they reject that solution?
 Sarah Stirling 17 Aug 2012
In reply to wee jamie:

Hi Jamie, perhaps a matter of opinion whether sleeves are more fiddly? I asked Carol (Crux founder) what he thought - he's just got back from holiday and testing one of the X1 tents:

"I am happy to argue that using sleeves are easier. I am very familiar with the classic Bibler tent style of inserting the poles into the corners on the inside (which most brands, including Rab, continue to do), and this system does have an attractive simplicity about it (and I originally sampled the tent with the poles inserted this way). However, it is not always easy getting the pole corners located, and, following that, the various systems of securing the poles in place (Velcro ties or similar) is most definitely always fiddly. Ultimately, the real story with this tent is the performance of the fabric and how it deals with condensation that will make it a superior product, and not the method of pitching."

Cheers, Sarah
 wee jamie 22 Aug 2012
In reply to Sarah Stirling - UKC/UKH: Thanks for your reply Sarah. The fabric certainly sounds clever. I look forward to seeing the X1 Raid in the flesh, and having a go at pitching it. There will come a time eventually, when I shall have to replace my RAB Summit tent and the X1 Raid might just be the answer!
Is the black finish just for the prototypes, or will the production versions be black too? Does it make for noticeably higher temps inside? I often think I should paint my house black to save on heating costs, I mean a white house in Spain is fair enough, but on the west coast of Scotland??!

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