OI NEWS: OutDoor 2013 - Ropes Report

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 UKC Gear 07 Aug 2013
OutDoor 13 reports - Ropes report montage, 5 kbCheck out the latest in rope technology in this article - direct from the huge OutDoor show at Friedrichshafen, Germany.

What's new? How about an 8.6mm single/twin/half rope from Edelrid? Or even a full new rage of ropes from Petzl, yes, from Petzl! Plus loads more...


In reply to UKC Gear:
And the most innovative product in ropes was introduced years ago by a UK company - Cairngorm ropes. The rope changed colour to indicate it should be discarded. When are the likes of Mammut etc going to intoduce this?Would have though it was idela for skinny ropes.
In reply to UKC Gear:
And where's the Beal Gully - worlds thinnest HALF ropes. 7.3mm, unicore technology..
 creag 07 Aug 2013
In reply to neilh:
Don't think they ever perfected that... then they went bust!
In reply to creag:
They perfected it. They went bust for a different reason.
 3 Names 07 Aug 2013
In reply to neilh:

Well I use Mammut ropes, they've certainly changed colour by the time they need replacing
In reply to neilh:

> They perfected it. They went bust for a different reason.

The fact that the ropes were very rough and harsh on your hands can't have helped! Had a Cairngorm single for years and it wasn't the best handling rope by a long way.

Haven't Petzl been doing ropes for some years now?

 Michael Ryan 07 Aug 2013
In reply to TobyA:
> (In reply to neilh)

> Haven't Petzl been doing ropes for some years now?

Petzl don't manufacture ropes Toby.

There's only a handful of rope manufacturers, they have their own brands and make ropes for others.

 Michael Ryan 07 Aug 2013
Off the top of my head the people who actually make climbing ropes are:

Lanex (Tendon)
New England Ropes
Blue Water

I think!
In reply to Michael Ryan - UKC and UKH: Sure - but there have been Petzl branded ropes for some time I think. Sure I've seen them here in Finland - bigger range though now perhaps.

I guess Petzl and DMM are doing the same thing, deciding what they want in a rope for markets they understand then having Beal or whoever make them for them.
 Tom F Harding 07 Aug 2013
In reply to TobyA:

It must be a huge gabble to start rope production. The machinery, staff training and testing equipment must be in the millions if you want to be on a large enough scale to be profitable. Looking at the recent history of rope product launches (I.e. DMM) and current financial climate the risk seems unjustifiable. Outsourcing initially (I.e. DMM)seems the sensible way to go really.

In reply to TobyA:
The handling is down to things like the twist in the yarn and the construction of the braid. You can get a rope that handles beautifully but does not last long.

That Cairngorm rope will have lasted for years because the construction of the rope was designed ... so that it lasted for years.

Like any engineered product you have to compromise.

Its like with these skinny ropes some property will be a lower value than say a larger diameter rope.

Strictly speaking, not Edelweiss. The label on all their ropes (some very good ones by the way) will hint at where they are coming from.

It's Millet Absolute TRX. Not Millet Absolute Pro. The Pro is the older non-triaxiale model.

Yeah... I would have thought some words to be spared on the new Beal Gully (unreal!). I'm sure there is more to come


 Aigen 07 Aug 2013
In reply to UKC Gear: Anyone know the weight per meter of the Edelrid Corbie?
 creag 07 Aug 2013
In reply to neilh:
Really? visited the factory when that was in development but was not in production.
Didn't say that was the reason they went bust.
In reply to creag:

Misunderstood what you said.
 creag 07 Aug 2013
In reply to neilh:
Didn't really make myself clear! The concept of that rope is awesome and I'm so surprised no other manufacturer has taken it up. I think the patent has defaulted due to lack of fee payments, so it's fair game!
T_Mac 07 Aug 2013
Edelrid Corbie claimed weight 51 g/m.
 alasdair19 07 Aug 2013
In reply to creag: patents if granted in the first place last 25 years or so. you do not have to pay a yearly fee unless things have changed dramatically since i did IP law.
 jimtitt 08 Aug 2013
In reply to alasdair19:
Patents last for 20 yrs (normally) and the annual maintenance fee is on a rising scale, costs ca £5000,00 for the UK for the 20 years.
 creag 08 Aug 2013
In reply to jimtitt: Guys, I know nothing about Patent Law or costs.
I was of the opinion that 20 years was about right and as the first application was Feb. 1993 looks pretty close to being up. Also, If fee's for maintenance of anything are in arrears, you probably forfeit some rights, otherwise why pay?
A simple Google search show its not been active since mid 90's. Just surprised some of the big rope companies are not all over it as they seem to be all chasing fancy coating that do this and that to make their product 'unique'.

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