/ NEWS: REPORT: The UKC / PyB Big Winter Climb Weekend

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UKC News - on 30 Nov 2011
Drytool practice on the outdoor climbing tower at PyB, 4 kbLast weekend (26/27 Nov) saw the UKC / Plas y Brenin 'Big Winter Climb' weekend take place at the Plas y Brenin centre in North Wales.

The event was a great success with over 70 people taking part in a series of workshops on lectures on winter climbing techniques. Top winter climber Andy Turner was on hand to deliver some workshops throughout the weekend and also present a gripping lecture on hard winter climbing on the Saturday night...


Double Knee Bar - on 30 Nov 2011
In reply to UKC News: What a fantastic weekend it was. Was very impressed with every element: price, accommodation, food and the brilliant concise tuition.
Andy Turner's lecture was truly inspirational.
Thanks very much guys.
PontiusPirate on 30 Nov 2011
In reply to Double Knee Bar:

Seconded - a great w/e - and I was very glad that I wasn't one of aspirant ML people out being assessed in Saturday's gale - its a long time since I've seen rain blown upwards!

It's a justifiably popular event, and I expect it'll be similarly well-attended next year - well worth it.

Now, time to work on the biceps for the mixed (still can't get my head around that style of climbing) and while we're at it... where did we put that winter... ;-)


smile - on 02 Dec 2011
Great stuff, thanks guys, will definatly be coming back for the other coarses. Food, Accomadation, people, all great.. really well orginised and run... im even in one of the pictures, just see me standing off to the left looking like a bannana wearing nothing but bright yellow.. yeh ha
mountain_stephen - on 03 Dec 2011
Wish I could have made it. The PYB folks are a great bunch and always put on an amazing weekend for all the courses I've ever done with them.

My only suggestion is why not run a weekend like this at a climbing centre in London without accommodation? I know enough people in London that could keep the instructors busy in a climbing centre all weekend with techniques and we'd all save the 5 hour journey up to the climbing wall at PYB!
kim.mulji on 05 Dec 2011
In reply to UKC News: It was a really good weekend. A great opportunity to learn some new skills, ask lots of questions, and get a good grounding in what you need to know, and knowing what information, and where you can get it for planning, doing, and getting back from a climb. I certainly feel much happy now preparing for what hopefully should be a good winter season! Great good, great beer, and lovely people! Oh, and I never imagined I'd make the front page of just yet! That's me concentrating hard dry-tooling up the tower!

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