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UKC Articles - on 09 Apr 2018
We\'re blessed with some beautiful landscapes to climb in, so let\'s try and keep them that way, 4 kbFrom a young age we're all told to 'follow the countryside code'; however I am sure that a great many of us don't actually know what the code itself is. If we uphold a basic level of respect for the environment and the people within it we don't necessarily need to either; but recent events - including the sad story of Whitehouses - call for a quick reminder as to exactly what the code entails.

Rob Greenwood shares some sage advice for those keen to #respecttherock, the environment and the people around it.

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danm on 09 Apr 2018
In reply to UKC Articles:

This is the kind of article which could win someone an MBE. Keep up the good work Rob!

cb_6 - on 09 Apr 2018
In reply to UKC Articles:

So much of this is basic courtesy and common sense that it truly depresses me that it needs to be pointed out at all. Some people are just fundamentally inconsiderate, and it never hurts to reiterate it. 

David Wynne - on 11 Apr 2018
In reply to UKC Articles:

Great Article once again on these issue.

What is depressing is that I noted the pic of the fool walking on the wall at Almscliffe, which I thought was the same fool I saw just this Sunday 8th April, walking on the wall past the notice which states "Please do NOT walk on the wall"! Unfortunately it wasn't which demonstrates that the problem persists. Hearteningly someone did yell at him to get down.

There are lots on new signs around Almscliffe about parking etc. from the BMC which is great. What would also be good however, would be to highlight the alternative ways to the crag avoiding the mud at the bottom of the field which is what drives this thoughtless behaviour. Only a couple of hundred yards back along the road is an alternative foot path which is far less muddy. There are also other access routes easily readable from OS maps.

Finally, and again on a heartening note, as we were climbing a couple of young climbers were scouting around picking up rubbish as they were leaving , one piece being an obvious lost hat and another piece being a climbers shoe wipe cloth.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.