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UKC News - on 17 Jul 2010
[Red River Gorge Video, 4 kb]This week's Friday night video has been published on Saturday due to 'technical problems'!

However, here it is. This short clip from Colin Delehanty shows off the superb climbing in the Red River Gorge, USA.


Quarryboy - on 17 Jul 2010
In reply to UKC News:

Good bit of High quality film with decent camera angles. The only thing I would say is that despite what you think it doesn’t look good constantly adjusting the cameras focus, it looks amateur and detracts from the films topic! It’s okay to do it occasionally I.E. as a transaction between scenes but when you do it during the events and scenes within the film it makes it hard to watch and irritates the viewer.


gritstoner on 17 Jul 2010 -
In reply to quarryboy:

I agree. The selective blurring to simulate the use of a tilt-shift lens is fancy and is a good laugh when it tricks the viewer into mistaking the scale of the setting, but using it in every single scene is gratuitous and started doing my head in very quickly. Plus the 'minituarisation' effect doesn't really work if you've got people in the shot climbing up rocks - OMG! Look at those tiny people! 1 inch tall and still doing 5.11c!

Bespoke by Nature - on 17 Jul 2010
In reply to quarryboy: Really nice bit of footage...slightly quick scene transitions between then nature shots, but I enjoyed the tilt-shift thing. Better than most generic yeah dude shouty american stuff.
CragRat11 - on 17 Jul 2010
In reply to UKC News: Enjoyed the film. Nice to see people doing things a little differently and executing things with a bit of artistic flare. The tint on the footage works at times but I would prefer it without, I also feel that at some points the edit could have been more simple. It reminds me a little of Renan Ozturk's recent stuff. He also goes a bit over-board with the editting tricks but you both have a clean and solid style. Good stuff and I say again its always good to see something that stands out from the rest of the 'reasonable' (slightly dull) climbing sequences that are popping up at the moment.
Fraser on 17 Jul 2010
In reply to UKC News:

I'd have to agree with everyone above - nicely shot, but the editing and constant focus adjustment was quite off-putting. Not enough actual climbing was shown. It was like the photographer had just got a new camera and wanted to show off its capabilities. Looks like a really nice spot though.
climbinreverse on 17 Jul 2010 -
...nothing to do with the climbing itself but what is that track on it??
Solcambs - on 19 Jul 2010
In reply to climbinreverse:

Brother- Tycho, from Past in Prologue. According to Shazam anyhow!
zach.stone - on 19 Jul 2010
In reply to UKC News:

thanks for reminding me what home looks like. Such a great crag, so peaceful compared to the chaos across the road, glad time was spent on the approach, as it can be as memorable as the routes if you get lost in peak foliage.
barple on 19 Jul 2010 -
Thanks for the feedback! I've read all the comments and they are helping me get a better idea of what people would like to see more and less of. I'm releasing more from this trip very soon.

The songs are

Eligh - Dream Of Me
Tycho - Cloud Generator

I'm going to Mallorca Spain to document deep water soloing in September. Add me on vimeo or twitter if you'd like to hear more about my future projects.

Here is the project site:
zach.stone - on 19 Jul 2010
In reply to barple:
just curious, where else did you go? Solarium in MV is one of my favs
barple on 20 Jul 2010 -
Sure. Here is the list of places I have on film:

Emerald City

Muir Valley

-Midnight Surf
-Sunbeam Buttress
-The Arsenal
-The Great Arch
-The Solarium

Natural Bridge

-Roadside Crag


-Drive by Crag

Gray's Branch

-Military Wall
-Left Flank

zach.stone - on 20 Jul 2010
In reply to barple:

awesome. I have been trying to update the RRG crags on UKC if you want to add any photos or routes, or if videos can be linked to crags

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