DESTINATION GUIDE: Val Pennavaire - Finale Ligure's Lesser-Known Neighbour

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 UKC Articles 27 Jan 2020

Martin McKenna racing the storm on Artemisia (7a) on ErboristaVal Pennavaire, or 'Oltre Finale' as it was previously known, is an area that deserves to be on more people's radar. There's crags aplenty, classics in quantity, and a plethora of routes across the grades.

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 abarro81 27 Jan 2020
In reply to UKC Articles:

For reference, there's now fixed lines between the left and right sides of Erboristeria, so it's fairly chill to move between the sides (unless you have kids, dogs, or people who don't like moving along fixed lines above drops)

In reply to UKC Articles:

Enjoying the Martin try hard faces

 Mike Owen 27 Jan 2020
In reply to UKC Articles:

There is a very well stocked gear shop in the main street in nearby Cisano sul Nevo (called CPR, run by local climber/equipper Elena Chiappa). Closed Monday. 

 Iamgregp 27 Jan 2020
In reply to UKC Articles:

Probably worth adding that Genoa and Turin are both nearby and have airports, and that way you don’t have to take the hire car cross border (do they charge a premium for that?).

If you need to stopover because of an early/late flight I can definitely recommend taking a day in Turin. It’s beautiful.  Genoa less so, bit shit.

 CPH 28 Jan 2020
In reply to UKC Articles:

Oltre Finale:

oltre means beyond, on the other side of.

Colletta di (not de; that's French) Castelbianco.

Othewise really enjoyed the article.

In reply to UKC Articles:

It is always enjoyable sports climbing in Italy, great article .......thanks.

Thanks for the feedback. Those additions and corrections now added.


 CPH 28 Jan 2020
In reply to Alan James - UKC and UKH:

Oltre Finale (not oltra).

Then I'll be happy Alan!

In reply to CPH:

We have done that now, and I am sure you are right. Google is a bit unclear about this.

For the record, we wanted to make a point of calling this area Val Pennavaire as the locals refer to it, and not 'beyond Finale' which I think was a name coined by the guy who published the Finale guidebook when he wanted to introduce these new areas. The book Oltre Finale covers a much wider area than Val Pannavaire. It would be like calling the Roaches 'Beyond Eastern Edges'.


In reply to John McKenna - Rockfax:

Those pics are pretty much the only reason I put this article together, they needed to be seen - hence worth writing all the guff surrounding them

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