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 UKC Articles 08 Mar 2010
[C.W.I.F, 5 kb]What is a CWIF?

It stands for Climbing Works International Festival and this year, on Saturday 20th March, some of the best bouldering talent in the world will descend on Sheffield to compete, and you can too.

There is £4000 of prize money. Percy Bishton one of the owners of the Climbing Works explains what makes CWIF special.


In reply to UKC Articles: We appear to be getting stupidly large amounts of foriegners travelling to come to the CWIF (and of course to climb on the grit and have some fun).

46 at last count with competitors from France (10), Austria (8), Australia (1 but he is dual nationality Swiss/Aussie so does he count as Swiss as well), Italy (5), Poland (5), Russia (1), Belgium (2), USA (1 but we might count Audrey as a Yank so is that 2), Venezuela (1, ok so Diego lives over here but he is only an honorary Yorkshireman), Ireland (2), the Netherlands (8) & Hong Kong (1). Plus a few Brits of course, some of whom are canny good like.

Between them they have won 1 World Championships, 3 World Cups, 2 Euro Championships plus more World Cup medals than Andy Earl has had hot dinners

In reply to Graeme Alderson:

Free t-shirts - I'm sold.
In reply to The Green Giant: Freebie tee shirts only available to those that qualify for the semi. If you are good enough then you get a limited edition tee. It's even got a UKC logo in it, it doesn't get more limited than that.
In reply to Graeme Alderson:

I saw you throwing them out in the video, can't be the exclusive
In reply to Graeme Alderson: Well Graeme if you wear a 'Shirt of Hurt' as in Radio Five's money raisers for Sport Relief I will personally donate £50 to Beth Monks fundraiser, I would love it to see you in black and white for the full day!!!

Come on lets see how much we can raise to see Graeme as a Magpie for the day.
In reply to Ian Dunn: If you can guarantee £100 then I will do it
In reply to Graeme Alderson: Gav has said he will match your £50 and the Earl has said they will chip in as well so it's on.

Now for a further £50 you need to wear a Sunderland shirt all day at the Team Training and for the CWIF if you make it. Deal?

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.
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