FRI NIGHT VID: Why is Janja Garnbret the Best Competition Climber Ever?

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 UKC News 13 Aug 2021

One week ago today, record-breaking Slovenian climber Janja Garnbret won Olympic Sport Climbing's first ever Gold medal, dominating the Boulder and Lead final and setting a new Speed PB. Few would have bet against her, but to win so convincingly with the weight of expectation on her shoulders proved that Garnbret truly is a top-class athlete in a league of her own. 

Reel Rock released a short video this week profiling the Garnbret and her phenomenal rise to the top, adapted from their feature film Janja Garnbret - The Perfect Season, now playing as part of their Reel Rock 15 film selection. 

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In reply to UKC News:

To say she is head and shoulders above the competition feels like understatement. Amazing!

In reply to UKC News:

After winning most of the the women’s events, I’d like to see how Janja would fare on the men’s competition boulders/routes.

In reply to wert:

Me too. I suspect she'd do really well.

 Ian Parnell 18 Aug 2021
In reply to UKC News:

Really liked your Wired piece Natalie

In reply to UKC News:

Nice article as most top comp climbers will say they train hard and started young it may be the training environment? Encouraging and pushing each other to higher and higher standards?

 Michael Gordon 18 Aug 2021
In reply to UKC News:

I'm tempted to say first and foremost natural climbing talent / technical ability, similar to what I would say for Ondra outdoors. Watching her on some of these boulder problems reminds me of Dawes. 

Add to that a love of training, the desire to win and the ability to perform consistently, under pressure.

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