/ OI NEWS: Wild Country Ropeman 3 Recall

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Ropeman 3, 5 kbWhilst the R3 does meet the requirements of the relevant tests and standards, usage has found that there are certain circumstances, particularly on tensioned ropes where the device does not “stick” as well as we would like. It is possible to imagine certain situations where the user could absolutely be relying on the device (eg crevasse rescue) and experience difficulty with it's function, even to the point of risking death or injury. The chance of this situation arising is extremely difficult to quantify. We feel the probability of an accident is small, but it is non-zero. Therefore we have chosen to voluntarily recall the product.

rich_hw - on 01 Nov 2012
In reply to UKC Gear:

A very vague description of the problem. Could the manufacturer provide more details on the circumstances necessary for the device to slip. Although the article says rope under tention is that true of all ropes or just narrow diameter rope/tape?
Wild Country - on 20 Nov 2012
In reply to rich_hw: The problem was found on a variety of ropes and in different circumstances therefore it is difficult to provide details of each. And because this device has so many potential uses, abuses and misuses it's impossible to test each and every variation. Also the reason we did not is that if we don't list a particular circumstance it may encourage people to keep their device thinking
'they haven't mentioned the way I want to use it so I'll be safe'.
Obviously, we also do not want people to do that as it is essential people return them all.
Basically it doesn't work as it should and we need people to return it that's the very non vague bit.
AlH - on 20 Nov 2012
In reply to rich_hw: I think that's clear enough. The manufacturer has decided that on balance its not fit for purpose and recommend returning them all.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.