THE LOWDOWN: Willenberg repeats Kheops assis!

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Thomas Willenberg, now there's an old ghost from the past. In late April, he repeated Kheops assis, 8B+, at Cuvier rempaart, Fontainebleau. In fact, checking his profile on, it turns out he's done the only (known) repeat of Sébastien Frigault's Trip-hop, 8C, a couple of years ago. So,...


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Anonymous 28 Sep 2009
@beastmaker: the standing start was at the time of the first-ascent 8b, so it's logical that's the sitdown a "+" harder ...

@björn: in april we stay for one week at bleau:
- thomas made "DUNE" with a new no-stone-start in 2 hours.
- thomas made kheops assis with many witness of a dutch bouldergroup from the "7+8 guide"
- thomas do some new boulders - many more than in the profile - for exampel: 5m right of kheops assis is the new sitdownline "SHIVA"

go there, look and imagine the energy needs an ascent ...

he only want to go climbing /bouldering (and that better you can believing), the numbers are unimportant, what counts is the moment ...
Anonymous 28 Sep 2009
It seems Thomas is not very interested in getting publicity.
I don´t get that...does giving a lower grade to a single problem make you considerably stronger?...and why did it take so long to get repeated when it is "only" 8a/+? the way there is a little article in german about him by Klem Loskot on udini,saying the locals in Frankenjura could´nt believe what he did there and started bullshitting.It seems it can be a bit hard for locals, when gets to the crag. Maybe you should ask Klem about him. 28 Sep 2009
Brad pitt assis was repeated by the considerably stronger and shorter Mike Adams this winter Bjorn! Mike thought it to be hard 8a/+

Research... then type...
Daniel Bähring 28 Sep 2009
there was a segment about him in the movie rokbuk.
Ouch! Thanks though.

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