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Michael Ryan - on 13 Jul 2008
World Dyno Record Set At Cliffhanger 2008

Skyler Weeks (US) jumped an amazing 2.65m at Cliffhanger 2008 yesterday, setting a new World Record.

Keith Sharples ( ) was there for to record the achievement.


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Jon_Butters - on 13 Jul 2008
Not to forget Lily Fitzgibbon who also broke the womens world record as well. She's now raised the bar to 2.10m!
Graham Hoey - on 14 Jul 2008
In reply to Mick Ryan -

Skylar Weeks has to be a secret love child of Bob Berzins, (the younger of the dynamic duo with brother Martin in the 70s and 80s) the likeness is uncanny!
Graham on 14 Jul 2008 -
In reply to Graham Hoey:

Great photos Keith, thanks.

Katya - on 15 Jul 2008
In reply to Jonny Cardiff:

Yes she did, and here's the photo
Chris F - on 15 Jul 2008
In reply to Mick Ryan - How tall is he? Looks like a seriously long drink?
Michael Ryan - on 15 Jul 2008
In reply to nkittie:

Thanks nkittie and even more here:
SI A on 15 Jul 2008 -
In reply to Chris F:

i think they have to start calculating hieght into these "competitions" if they want them to be a fair representation of distance jumped.

If its just like high jump then fair do s. let the lanky freaks jump around.

good effort though.
jugglingeek - on 17 Jul 2008
In reply to SI A:

I'm not sure about the men's record breaker,but Lilly is certainly no lanky freak. I couldn't dyno 2 meters if I tried and I probably have an extra foot on Lilly's height
seagull on 18 Jul 2008
In reply to jugglingeek:

That is a good effort. Luke Skylerweak is a giant but Lily certainly aint.

Nice one.
Rob F - on 19 Jul 2008
In reply to Mick Ryan -

In regard to the 'normalisation of height' comments- Not sure that the 5 inch clog wearers would agree with the additional ballast to ensure a normalised weight of 200lbs ;>)

Anyways- anyone able to design a jug on some kind of diagonal track that can easily be cranked up and down with a handle. Save on the faff of taking the hold off each round?

Regan McCaffery on 24 Jul 2008 -
In reply to Mick Ryan -

Just letting you know that this is not the world record. In 2004 Stefan Hadfield of New Zealand set an offical record of 2.70m

Here is the news from Planet fear at the time

"World Dyno Record Broken
Report by Matt Heason
on 18 November 2004
Last weekend Stefan Hadfield of New Zealand beat the current world dyno record. The competition was the second organised in New Zealand using the official record format, and all was legitimate. At the first comp, back in July, he came close to equaling the record. But on Saturday, he not only equaled it but went another ten centimetres to 2.70m. The competition was run by the New Zealand Sportclimbing Federation. The womens record of 1.9m was also equalled. Hopefully a video will follow"

Stefan held the record for 3 years until it was beaten by Germany's Peter W├╝rth in 2007. He offically jumped 2.775m but his technique that employs the starting handholds as footholds was not used in the original Guinness Dyno Records set in 2002, or in subsequent competitions and it is now not currently regarded as a legitimate technique. Therefore it stands to reason the the current record is still held by Stefan at 2.70m.

So I don't know why this 2.65m jump is being claimed? No disrespect to Skyler of course.
Michael Ryan - on 24 Jul 2008
In reply to Regan McCaffery:

Hi Regan,

We'll get Matt Heason onto this.


catt on 24 Jul 2008
In reply to Mick Ryan -

Also, equalled last year at the NEC at 2.70m

Maybe time to change your headline!
catt on 24 Jul 2008
In reply to catt:

Then again no one is disputing Lily's record so I guess the headline stands! Just not for the bloke...
Michael Ryan - on 24 Jul 2008
In reply to catt:

We'll wait for Matt Heason to get in touch then write a correction.
In reply to catt:

There is something different about records that actually get the 'Guinness' stamp. If you notice, two competitors at Cliffhanger went on to do 2.7m as well but after the judges had left so this didn't count.

I suspect that all these previous 2.7m jumps may not have been officially Guinness ratified.

Best wait for Matt Heason to report back since he is sure to know.

MattH - on 24 Jul 2008
In reply to Alan James - UKC:

As Alan rightly says it's all about Guinness ratification. The original records were ratified with Guinness and were actually listed in the Guinness Book Of World Records for, if I remember correctly, 3 years running. We're well aware that Stefan beat the record and are sure that it was ligitimate, but as far as we are aware it wasn't ratified with Guinness, therefore isn;t an official Guinness World Record. Last year at Cliffhanger Skyler beat the orignial Guinness record of 2.625m with a jump of 2.65m, but we messed up on the ratification process so weren't able to call it an official record. This year we have fulfilled the criteria and are in the process of ratifying it with Guinness. As for Peter's record, unless I am mistaken, he used the starting holds with his feet as he went past, which is expressly forbidden in the official set of rules. A great effotr, but not comparable.

It's a funny situation. What it needs is for the official bodies to recognise it as a worthwhile addition to competition climbing and to take responsibility for the ratification of official competitions (in the same way that there is now a recognised speed climbing competition which can be replicated anywhere to give a 'level playing field').

I hope that answers everybody's questions... I'm by no means an authority on this, just somebody who has both competed in the competitions, and organsed them.

Bill Davidson - on 24 Jul 2008
In reply to MattH:

Do the jumps ever go to the right? Just curious.
MattH - on 24 Jul 2008
In reply to Bill Davidson:

No, they were set up to jump to the left, apparently based on some old comps that the French used to organise.


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