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Victoriacake - on 06 Mar 2018

I'm working down here this way for the next couple of weeks so looking for the best place to climb. There seems to be a few places RockUk, The Spot, Crag Fit etc, but would it be better to drive further to Boulders?

womblingfree on 06 Mar 2018
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Plenty of space at Spot split over 3 rooms in a former industrial unit, never too crowded and when I was going there fairly regular route setting with guest setters etc. 

Rock UK mostly roped stuff, small bouldering area. Boulders in Cardiff always rammed.


mountain.martin - on 06 Mar 2018
In reply to womblingfree:

Boulders can be busy for bouldering in evenings, but I was there last Tuesday mid afternoon and it was very quiet. Was rather disappointed with their bouldering though. Seemed to be not that many problems for the amount of wall space.

rztipping on 07 Mar 2018
In reply to Victoriacake:

Second Spot.

Also you could head up to the Llangorse Centre towards Brecon. they have some good bouldering and a nice training room.

Victoriacake - on 07 Mar 2018

Thanks for the replies. I'll try the spot this evening as it's close. One question high is the bouldering wall? The photos don't make it look that big


Victoriacake - on 07 Mar 2018
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So just to feedback on my visit. The wall is OK but I was right in thinking that it wasn't very high, however the problems didn't feel too short with some creative setting. I kind of ran out of things to do there and then realised there was another wall at the back (the main wall) doh. Still not loads to go back for mind. The holds were in need of a clean on the main wall and the lighting could have been better. I'm guessing it's hard to get the footfall to run a successful wall in this area as with investment the place could be transformed which I'm sure the owners (and punters) would love.

I'll probably try Boulders next just to mix it up a little

yelotango - on 08 Mar 2018
In reply to Victoriacake:

The bouldering area at Boulders was last re-set for a student comp, hence the lower than normal number of problems. There`s another comp on 14/3, should be reset with more problems after that.

JoshOvki on 08 Mar 2018
In reply to Victoriacake:

The spot do pretty well for getting things reset. They tend to do half of the big room with the cave and hanging V one month, the other half the next and then the long room the month after so a pretty good turn around. So it should be getting reset soonish. Holds get fairly caked in chalk but that seems to be the standard at all walls these days. 

The stuff in the long room tend to be pretty difficult as it is steep but I find the other room fairly varied. The recent addition of heaters have made all the difference in there.


Edit: Just checked and one wall will be being stripped today ready for a reset normally around 30 problems

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