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kevin stephens - on 29 Nov 2017
I’m in the area for work. Does Undercover Rock have auto belays at 6a to 6c for 4x4 training? Which is the best for bouldering and which has circuit boards? Which does the best coffee?
knighty - on 29 Nov 2017
In reply to kevin stephens:

UCR doesn't have any auto belays (I don't think). You'll need redpoint for those.

Bouldering wise, the choice is bloc or TCA. Bloc is more modern, so a nicer place to be, but is incredibly crowded. TCA has a moon board which always seems to be free.

I've not had coffee at any of them. Redpoint has a bar out the front though with decent ale on tap.
Cheese Monkey - on 29 Nov 2017
In reply to kevin stephens:

Personally I rate TCA for training, Bloc for fun. Many will surely disagree but it’s down to what suits you go try them all
gingerbex - on 30 Nov 2017
In reply to kevin stephens:

Redpoint has three auto belays to at least 6b, probably higher.
There are four different bouldering areas.
They make pretty good coffee too.
hms - on 30 Nov 2017
In reply to kevin stephens:

I haven't been to Bloc for ages because I find it rather high and got fed up with thin rock-over moves at the top of problems. I know many others are totally happy at that height though. They tend to have about 8 circuits on 2 boards, neither terribly steep, plus good campus board & woodie board.

TCA is a fair bit lower and generally has a bit more non-flat stuff. I prefer their setting but am sure others would disagree. 2 large circuit boards, one of which is fairly steep. Moon board, lattice board, woodie, free hanging campus board so good for pure campus rather than FoC. Nice café with reasonable coffee and good pizza.

UCR rather stunningly has no auto-belays. They did briefly but they weren't very popular (not least cos the routes available were not great for them) so they weren't kept. This is a major short-coming. Some bouldering bit it's a bit tired, very steep circuit board downstairs which hasn't been reset for a year (they promise me it is imminent). Less steep circuit board upstairs with 5 pretty reasonable circuits up to cruxy 7b. The routes are good even if the grading is all over the place - routes is really what UCR is all about now.

Redpoint bouldering I've never really tried so can't comment on. I think they have a small circuit board. 3 auto-belays with about a dozen routes on from very easy to 7a. The grades on these are pretty tough at the moment - I'd just ignore the grade card and enjoy the routes!

What facility you chose may also depend a lot on where you're travelling from in Bristol, mode of transport and time of day. The city centre & Cumberland basin gets extremely busy in the late afternoon so 'short' journeys by car can be anything but.
kevin stephens - on 02 Dec 2017
In reply to kevin stephens:
thanks all for the helpful comments and advice. I called in to Bloc for an hour as it was convenient for where I was staying. I enjoyed it, good problems, setting and ambience, also really good circuit boards. A bit high but I don’t mind not topping out.
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