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partz - on 31 Dec 2012
Hi all. Happy new year...Apologies for the essay

2-3 months ago I started noticing pain in my ring finger at the base. I 'decided' it was the well documented A2 tendon pulley problem. Im now 4 weeks out of climbing, it's fine to move but not 100% and still hurts under pressure. However this is not my problem...

I was WATCHING a bouldering video on UKC 2 days ago when my little finger just started hurting severely! I didnt touch it, it just started hurting for no reason at all. I thought it was cramp but it didn't alleviate, it didn't swell up and I didn't hear a pop or feel a snap.

The pain is mostly focused at the 1st knuckle (not at the edge of the palm, the first knuckle from there). I havent had problems like this before ever and considering Ive been resting for the last 4 weeks, why am I falling apart further?

It gets weirder. Ive been taping up the knuckle to prevent movement which has helped with pain (so thats gotta be good?) but when I take the tape off and put it in warm water its absolutely fine and pain free. I can move it and prod it without feeling any pain whilst submerged. After I take it out, 2 minutes later the pain slowly returns.

Ive done reading but I just can't fathom it. Id ask if anyone else has had a similar problem but it all just seems weird to me. My questions are does anyone have any reccomendations and is it possible the two finger problems are related? (They're the same hand by the way). Ill be seeing a physio in a few weeks if my A2 problem persists.

Thanks anyway
partz - on 01 Jan 2013
In reply to partz: Wow, just woken up and its gone :s . Now im just really confused. I can only assume it was some sort of trapped nerve!

Never mind...
karen2 on 01 Jan 2013
In reply to partz:
If there is a good climbing physio near you get it looked at, if you can afford it get an MRI. I ignored a wrist injury that came and went till one day my wrist just stopped working altogether, turned out it was a neck injury (go figure)

my lesson of 2012 is to see a dr or a physio!
MikeYouCanClimb - on 01 Jan 2013
In reply to partz:
You might have a real injury which just a delayed response., but it could also be pain that is induced by an external stressful event/ and or person.
Watching your video would count.

Other examples where you body over reacts would be

- Feeling faint as a result of a minor scratch
- Palms sweating when you watch a stressful climbing video
- A pain that appears and disappears without reason

This can happen because it is your brain decides whether or not you feel pain and by how much, not your injured body part.

It would be interesting if anyone has come across other examples of this or has found some research.

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