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marvin1987 - on 10 Oct 2012
What would be the general opinion of a dedicated bouldering wall being constructed in the Aberdeenshire area. Im thinking round the Peterhead area. Otherwise (if youre as far north as Fraserburgh) its an hours drive almost to Transition Extreme or the wall at RGU. I know the sea cliffs from Boddam through to Aberdeen attract a lot of climbers, and Peterhead Climbing wall is past its days (althought the granite wall is quite nice).

Would a new centre spark more interest? What are your thoughts?
GrahamJ on 11 Oct 2012
In reply to marvin1987:

Thought about it alot but in the end just dedicated my garage to training instead.

Even if just a very small industrial unit, there is alot to consider in pulling a project like that together, and alot of up-front cost. Even though the effort is put in to begin with my concern would be maintaining interest to keep it going, especially financially if renting somewhere.

If you live in peterhead use Buchan Ness, it is as good as a board, easy access, non-tidal, you can climb there year round and is perfect for lantern sessions. There is also quite a lot of isolated problems around the lighthouse and along to the Harbour, its worth exploring, not really worth recording though.

Also good for training/quick-hit sessions, are the granite-block railway bridges all along the old line from Aberdeen. Off the top of my head, Bullers Car Park and a couple near Cruden Bay.

marvin1987 - on 12 Oct 2012
In reply to GrahamJ: Yeh i initially thought about expansion to Peterhead Wall, as its really just an outdated granite wall (not bad for rning trad), but the holds they put on the right hand wall are shocking.

But permission for that would be a nightmare. So i thought start small, with a bouldering facility.

I'll have a look at those places, yeh im from Peterhead. Lived there 25 years and didnt know anything about Boddam, or the sea cliffs there. Shocking really!!

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