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Jack Porteous 07 Jul 2019

Hi everyone,

I'm moving to Elgin to start work at the end of the month.  I've been living in Plymouth whilst at Uni for the last 6 years and was wondering what the climbing scene in the area is like. 

What are the best walls in the area?  What is the best way to meet new partners to climb both inside and outside?

I'm really looking forward to getting out and exploring in the mountains, I just need someone to climb with!



Gavalanche 15 Jul 2019
In reply to Jack Porteous:

Apparently moray mountaineering club have an active climbing section (iv not yet been always either raining or I'm working it seems) and meet most weeks depending upon the weather., can check them out on Facebook. 

Theres a climbing wall in Inverness think that may be your closest.

I'm in Inverness so if your ever looking to head out send me a message 


FlyingHigh 15 Jul 2019
In reply to Gavalanche:

There was a climbing wall in Elgin but I believe it recently closed. There’s a fair amount of climbing at Cummingston which is a little coastal village ten mins drive from elgin. 

Moray Mountaineering Club used to meet there every week (wed?) and I believe they do organised trips too.

Cairngorms realistically an hour away from you. 

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.