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Matt CS - on 27 Nov 2013
To anyone who has taken the CWA; what did you think of it? Is it worth doing? Did you follow it up with the SPA or other qualifications? Apologies for the interrogation!

Many thanks,

Linden on 27 Nov 2013 -
In reply to Matt CS:

I did it, as I didn't climb much outdoors (still don't do as much as I'd like!) and I wanted to be able to take my cadet group climbing. (I then moved away from my cadets for just over a year in between training and getting around to doing my assessment, but never mind...)

As a course, it was good, informative and enjoyable, theres more climb coaching content than the SPA had, and for that reason I think a lot of SPA holders then did a CWA training course as it plugs a gap (now the coaching scheme is out, I think this is unnecessary) The assessment was good, I was given 4 CWA trained students for my group work, which was interesting (the other two people on my assessment had 3 novice-ish climbers)

I would like to follow up with my SPA at some point, but not in the immediate future.

I'd say if you wanted to primarily teach indoors, its better than SPA, but if you are aiming for outdoors soon, go the SPA route.
Matt CS - on 27 Nov 2013
In reply to Linden:

Cheers for the response. I did think about the SPA but I don't have much experience of trad. Sounds like the coaching aspect of the CWA would be of more use to me, as I've never formally trained to climb, just followed experienced mates!
andyathome on 27 Nov 2013 - []
In reply to Matt CS:

And the CWA can lead into the newly developed coaching awards. So to get to 'Development Coach' level you've got to have CWA as far as I know.

I think there's a lot of walls value the CWA.
Matt CS - on 28 Nov 2013
In reply to andyathome:

Cheers for the response. Definitely going to do it now, and looking forward to it!
stealthmonkey - on 07 Dec 2013
In reply to Matt CS:

I mainly climb indoors especially through the winter.. and I am considering doing the CWA to improve my climbing and maybe help others who wish to join me down at the climbing wall
MischaHY - on 07 Dec 2013
In reply to Matt CS:

SPA isn't even worth considering if you've not climbed much trad, your gear placements and rigging need to be absolutely bomber all the time, every time. It's also focused on group work so you have to gain 20+ hours experience working with groups before you can take your assessment. That said, I just passed mine. Natural progression is most likely MIA now, which means getting the ML done - we'll see how it goes, I've got to get money sorted for BASI courses as well.

If you're interested in coaching then I'd look at CWA, get yourself on the new coaching award and then CWLA.
Oli Greg - on 08 Dec 2013
In reply to andyathome:

The mountain training wording is confusing about the development coach, it does make you believe you need the CWA to do the coaching, however they mean you need CWA or above (SPA, MIA etc). I'm SPA and just been on the development coach training.

What has already been said is spot on, which environment do you plan on instructing? Indoors, CWA. Outdoors, SPA.
Nick_Scots on 08 Dec 2013
In reply to Matt CS:
A natural progression will be SPA, ML, MIA.

Remit is what industry wants, unless just working at indoor wall.

If you want to improve your personal climbing, paying for coach for 1:1 days will be far mor beneficial than doing a CWA course.
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