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astley007 - on 03 Jan 2014
Hi all in and around Reading
I am comming down from the "wet" North (well Manchester) to do some locum work at the Royal Berkshire Hospital starting tues 7th and will be for a few weeks.
Not sure where my accommodation will be yet, but presume near to the hospital.
I will be finished most evenings around 6pm, and am looking for people to climb with at the wall midweek, happy to boulder, lead or top rope.
Been around a few years ie a grumpy old man, but happy to enjoy anyones company at the wall,have all my own gear and can competently use a grigri.
Happy just to "bumble" around, or try and crimp with the "young un's"
Also, any information about good pubs, places to eat would be greatfully received.
So if you you see a bewilded northerner wandering round the wall with a southern phrasebook please say "hello"
Nick B
ps I will be comming back to Manchester at the weekends, so if you say "hello" will be happy to give you lift, visit peak/yorks climbing and can accom!! Alternatively, you just may want to go to the Trafford Centre!!!
Sorry for my rambling post!! thanks for reading! phew!!
bust3r - on 17 Jan 2014
In reply to astley007:
hello, sent you a pm 2 weeks ago with no reply.
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Mick Ward - on 17 Jan 2014
In reply to filip.kamycki:

Don't let him just "bumble" around, make him crimp with the "young un's". He can do it. (Well he could do it once!)

astley007 - on 18 Jan 2014
In reply to Mick Ward:

Still can can "crimp" with the best" over 50's that is!!!!!
Apologies for non-reply, Reading changed to Cheltenham, such is the fluidity of locum work
Nick B
gingerwolf - on 18 Jan 2014
In reply to astley007:

What is this northern term "comming"?!?!?! lol!
He's a grumpy old fart, but he's alright really!

Astley007 - try checking your junk mail for filip.kamycki's email, thats sometimes where you'll find the ukc emails end up!

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.