Information/Guidelines for Setting Up & Managing a ClimbingWall centre

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 sareenaalexis 13 Mar 2022

Hi there, 

I am doing some research into setting up and managing a high ropes/climbing wall & bouldering centre. Is anyone able to point me in the right direction or let me know where I can source guidelines, documents/templates etc for everything I might need as a manager but also as the owner/operator of the centre. I am looking for the following as a starting point, however any information you'd be able to provide would be much appreciated! Thank you!

  • Climbing wall registration documents
  • Accident Reporting System Accident Report Sheet
  • Accident Reporting System Guidance Notes
  • How to use the reporting system
  • Standard Climbing Wall Registration Form for Unsupervised Climbers
  • Standard Climbing Wall Conditions of Use
  • Standard Registration Form & Conditions of Use Guidance Notes
  • Text for Good Practice notices
  • Example design of Good Practice notices
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In reply to sareenaalexis:

A technical advisor from the Association of Mountaineering Instructors (AMI) will be able to answer your questions.

The Association of British Climbing Walls will also be able to help you.

I managed a climbing wall for over five years, so feel free to drop me a message regarding general operating of a wall etc.

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In reply to sareenaalexis:

For climbing wall information join the Association of British Climbing Walls:

This will give you access to the documents described here: 

Another good place to look is: but the ABC is the place to go for access up to date industry practise, information and advice. If you are looking in Scotland Mountaineering Scotland can offer a similar service (drop me a PM and I'll put you in touch if up here).

As Luca says an external Technical Expert may be useful. This person can provide input on specific issues outside of your own experience and staff training where there is no relevant NGB held or available. Do make sure you get access to one with appropriate experience of your type of climbing setup, including High Ropes which is slightly different to just a climbing wall.

Good luck!

 stuartholmes 13 Mar 2022
In reply to sareenaalexis:

As previously mentioned, ABC is a good start point and the BMC is currently updating their info. The high ropes would fall under ERCA so wouldn't be covered by the above.

Sometimes it's worth speaking to similar centres to get advice. But probably not one to local as may see you as competition. 

Always happy to give some impartial advice if you need any more in depth info.

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