/ Nearest decent training facilities to Pitstone?

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Dandan82 - on 22 Aug 2018

Hi all,

I had a job offer come through my email this morning, the job is in Pitstone Buckinghamshire, and of course the second thing I did was to see what the climbing wall facilities were like nearby.

It seemed like thin pickings on the face of it with at least a 30 minute drive in any direction to a decent sized wall, the closest seemed to be The XC in Hemel Hempstead but they made no mention of any training equipment at all, next on the list was Big Rock Bond in MK which was more like a 40 minute drive, are there any other decent centres anywhere nearby?

(I know in the grand scheme of things 40 minutes isn't much but if I'm working away from home I'll be going to the wall 3 nights a week and all that extra mileage really adds up. )

Big Steve - on 22 Aug 2018
In reply to Dandan82:

That's not too far from my home town, Leighton Buzzard. The Milton Keynes walls are probably the best options, there is also a  small wall at Hatfield (not sure what the usage rules are these days, I haven't been for a few years) or maybe the Amersham wall if it is still open. 

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