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Chris H - on 02 Mar 2012
Anyone know anything about this? All I can find online is enterprise wall in leisure complex nr argyle ground
argyle_dude - on 02 Mar 2012
In reply to Chris H:

In the new life centre next to home park, life centre is due to open 24 of this month, assume the climbing wall will open the same time (hopefully)
Phil79 - on 02 Mar 2012
In reply to Chris H:

Yep, its in the new Life Centre sports/leisure centre. As you say built by Enterprise - 15m lead wall, 10m toprope wall, bouldering area. Will be run by High Sports.

Sounds promising, certainly an improvement on the existing Plymouth walls but thats not hard as they are all s**t. Hopefully it will be well run and not too pricey, as its about time Plymouth had a decent wall and training venue.
plasticclimbingcaver on 02 Mar 2012 -
In reply to Phil79:

If you were hoping not too pricey, think again I'm afraid...

Let's just hope they don't do the usual local authority sports centre thing and never have any staff with a clue, and hardly change the routes...if you are paying premium prices, you SHOULD get premium service...check High Sports web page for prices...disappointing.
Phil79 - on 08 Mar 2012
In reply to plasticclimbingcaver:

£11.50 if you want to climb all day, or £8.95 for an evening session. Bargin.

Not that I've done any climbing recently, but if/when I do I'll stick to the Barn!
fire_munki on 08 Mar 2012
In reply to Chris H:
How much?
Thats rather a lot to pop in after work, think in the summer I'll stay on Dartmoor or drive a bit further.
franksnb - on 08 Mar 2012
In reply to Chris H: you know there is always stoke damerel college. the last time i was there it was 1.50 for members and £5 to join. its about 10 minutes walk from central park.
fire_munki on 08 Mar 2012
In reply to franksnb:
Stoke is fun enough for a Thursday or Fri evening and the people running it are friendly. Can normally even get some of them to head outside too.
Cheese Monkey - on 08 Mar 2012
In reply to Chris H: Lol it will still be alot cheaper to drive to the barn and back, including tea. Between 2 people at least. During the day could get a pint in too!
will - on 09 Mar 2012
Hi All, if your wondering what the Plymouth High Sports climbing wall is going to look like, have a look on the facebook page:

Hope to see you all there.


SimonMarcYoung - on 09 Mar 2012
In reply to Chris H: wow if thats the prices i think i'll be sticking to the barn, run by top climbers with expert advice all for £5 for as long as you want, probally has better walls and bouldering than the new place, just cos it costs alot doesnt mean the route setters are any good
High Sports - on 20 Mar 2012
In reply to SimonMarcYoung: Last time I checked Gav Symonds, Andy Long, Rob Lamey and Gaz Parry weren't too shabby!
Why not come along on Saturday when its free and take a look.
SimonMarcYoung - on 20 Mar 2012
In reply to High Sports: yeah i am coming on the weekend to have a look and ok from that list of names i am willing to take my comments back but barns still cheaper and a very good centre, but i am willing to come and have my mind changed
fire_munki on 22 Mar 2012
In reply to Chris H:
Do we need to do anything for it to be free? Like sign up or bring some vochure from a local paper or anything?
High Sports - on 22 Mar 2012
In reply to fire_munki: No, just turn up with your gear. You'll need to complete the usual registration forms and if you want to join it's half price on Saturday and Sunday.
See you there.
harryjan - on 24 Mar 2012
In reply to Chris H: Had a look at it today, the leading wall has good possibilities although the current set of routes are all too tame imo (I was assured however more were going up). They need to have their grades added somewhere too.

The bouldering wall looks very.... ordinary; I think i've been spoiled by the Barn (and the Arch in London), it needs more work put into the routes at the very least.

Price wise I agree with whats been said; they are trying to charge essentially London prices for the facility which is rather silly considering the wage difference.

Hopefully they will introduce a BMC discount or at least block booking (£6/session would be fair I think).
tomwheeler - on 26 Mar 2012
Its going to fail.
harryjan - on 26 Mar 2012
In reply to Chris H: Had a chat with the manager this evening; she insists that they are providing a 'good deal in line with local walls' (Even when I pointed out that the Barn entry can be as low as £4.50).

Richy boy on 26 Mar 2012
In reply to Chris H: It does look wicked, shame the pricing is so high :/
rustaldo - on 26 Mar 2012
I went today for my first visit and had a good session in the bouldering area..

The bouldering's a bit of a weird one, almost as if they've tried too hard.
It felt to me as though there was almost too much variation in the physical structure of the walls.
There are sections of wall pitched at every degree of steepness and curvature you could want, and in a way, all the bases are covered, though at the same time it feels like none are.

Its not as good as the Barn, (but where is?!) although I think with time the problems will improve as it becomes clearer how to use the potential that's clearly there.

The lead wall looks epic! Didn't have a chance to get on it today but really looking forward to my next visit.

Again, just from looking, I wouldn't say its on a par with the Quay, but it is certainly 100% better than anything else on offer in Plymouth, and the sheer surface area of wall should eclipse the barn; on that note its really down to the quality of the routes and as of yet I can't comment.

From glancing over the list of grades though, there wasn't anything harder than 7a on the list .. ? which might be disappointing for some.

Also the "Dartmoor Wall" looks good, but I'm dubious as to how well it will stand the test of time, it must have put the price up considerably..

Early days yet, but I think the wall will do well; I'm not sure what to make of the pricing structure yet, £43 pound for a month for unlimited visits.. so if you're going more than once a week its probably worth it

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