/ P90X Anybody tried it?

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mugglewump - on 13 Jan 2013
Anybody tried P90x dvd workout programmes? Im a bit stuck for climbing raining at the moment and just wondered if anybody had any thoughts on whether it would be good pre season training with having a lack of climbing walls at my disposal. Thanks
sailorboy1983 on 13 Jan 2013 -
In reply to mugglewump: done the p90x now 3 times. you need a lot of stuff for it according to him, but if you have pull up bar and a few free weights then it good to go.
search the net for different variants of the 90 day programme. you can double up if you fancy but depends what fitness level your at now.
Banj on 13 Jan 2013 -
In reply to mugglewump: Also done P90X once, doing it again now, got the P90X2 discs but went back to the old one after trying it, couldn't get on with Swiss and medicine balls.
Nice workout, I hate the yoga component but after the first 90 day session, my flexibility and core stability when cimbing, was much better.
mugglewump - on 14 Jan 2013
In reply to Banj: Nice one I don't have the opportunity to climb at the moment but im doing insanity work outs in the morning and p90x in the afternoon, im hoping that I will be half decent when get back on the rock. I have certainly seen huge gains in flexibility and core strength after 4 weeks
Kemics - on 14 Jan 2013
In reply to mugglewump:

I havn't but a guy I work with is doing them and seeing incredible results...the down side being is every week he insists on showing me more half naked pictures of himself on his phone (he's still hairy!). Not really anything special workout wise but if all you lack is structure it's great. If you're lazy. It's not going to make any difference :P
craig1983 - on 18 Jan 2013
In reply to mugglewump:

P90X Grad here did it last year and thought it was great...felt my climbing suffered a little though because i couldnt get to the wall as much... work 6am-5pm - home - p90x - then too late to get climbing, so i generally only climbed once a week on my 'rest day'.

Would like to go through the program again, but not willing to give up as much of my climbing time again, so now i climb 3-4 nights a week, and throw a p90x workout or fingerboard session in on the other nights....

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