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philippac on 12 Nov 2013 -
I have seen that the portway leisure centre in dudley has a climbing wall I am looking if anyone has used this centre and has any information on this and what the climbing is like.
SGD - on 13 Nov 2013
In reply to philippac:

I haven't used it yet, but I did pop in and have a chat to the staff. The wall itself is actually quite impressive its a full 10m (maybe more?) with lead lines, top ropes and a couple of self belays. The routes didn't look particularly inspiring but then again I suspect they were put up by the guys that built the wall for speed and to suit the school groups that will mainly be using the centre during the day. I expect this will change though as the new staff get settled. What was inspiring was the featured panels which look excellent! Short finger, hand and offwith cracks etc etc so you could climb without using any holds and try some specific techniques.

They have some really neat pully/cradles set up on a rail system that can go pretty much anywhere in the wall to cater for disabled climbers too.

It's worth noting that the wall is only open to the public after 6pm on an evening and during a short period during the day(??). The main reason we popped in was the website led us to believe you had to do an induction but if you have climbed before then you just need to do the normal participation statement rather than the full blown induction.

In summary: Its worth a look if your local particularly as we can no longer use the Stourbridge wall.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.