/ Reading Climbing Centre - looking for climbing buddy ;)

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Maciek - on 05 Oct 2010

used to climb a lot (up to 6c+ indoors) but nothing for last 18 months - injures, relocation from Manchester, etc

drop me a msg if interested, competent climbers please

got rope and stuff

c u

lrandall - on 06 Oct 2010
In reply to Maciek:


I'm meeting a couple of other guys at reading wall at 6.30 this evening. I've climbed with them for a few sessions and both are sound belayers etc. (as am I). Things go pretty slow as a group of three so it'd be cool to make up two pairs. It sounds like your climbing at the same sort of grade as us (6s to low 7s).

Feel free to show up. I'm reasonably easy to spot if it isn't too crowded: long unbrushed blonde hair tied back, short beard, generally pretty scruffy. We tend to stick to the lead lines. If you cant make it tonight we tend to meet up at the same time every monday, wednesday and friday.

Maybe see you there,

Maciek - on 07 Oct 2010
i do my best to meet you on friday

lrandall - on 08 Oct 2010
In reply to Maciek:


turns out the two lads I've been climbing with recently are both busy tonight, so it'd be great if you do make it down! Tried to e-mail you but ukc says the e-mail address in your profile is no longer working.

If you see this before this evening it'd be great if you could respond on here, or give me a bell on: 01344 411839 to let me if I should keep a keen eye open for you.

Hopefully see you tonight.


This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.