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Danny_boulders - on 19 Dec 2010
Hey just a quick message to say how impressed i have been with the service and the routes at the centre since it has opened.

Just throughing this out there so that the staff get recognised for their effort, i am now back in reading for christmas and fully intend on spending as much time their as possible.

For anyone who is thinking of heading up their definitely give it a go as its a super chilled venue with some fantastic new routes.


MattCh on 19 Dec 2010 -
In reply to Danny_boulders: Yeah, great lead and bouldering walls and staff very approachable but its just too f...g cold there. Really unpleasant. Going back to Craggy like lots of my mates until they do something about it.
Tiberius - on 20 Dec 2010
In reply to Danny_boulders:

hehe, I haven't been since just after it opened. I was thinking of going this week, maybe I'll give it a miss for a few months then
LastBoyScout on 20 Dec 2010
In reply to Danny_boulders:

> it's a super chilled venue...

Might be going there tonight, but doesn't look like many of the group will make it and it's bloody cold in there - "super chilled" is about right, as it was freezing cold BEFORE the snow arrived!

It's a good wall, apart from that.

My only 2 criticisms so far are there's next to nothing in the way of features (it's almost all flat panels with bolt on holds) and the floor walkers aren't enforcing the belaying signs about standing close to the bottom of the routes.
riddle on 20 Dec 2010
In reply to Danny_boulders:

It's a great venue and good to see the routes already being re-set. I agree with previous posts that the wall is way too cold for training. Will be staying away until the something is done about the heating.

The staff are approachable, professional and happy to discuss the route grades.

Keep it up.
jim - on 02 Jan 2011
i agree really good wall. the cold is a bit of a issue but after a small trip to the oxford sweat box i will never complan about the cold there again. i have only been bouldering there scince the frost came so would guess belaying isn't nice but if you want to go bouldering then get over nice bouldering and when you've got warm keep going.
archiecb - on 03 Jan 2011
In reply to MattCh:
I was there tonight (it wasn't completely freezing) and while there were people moaning about the cold I was climbing in a vest and shorts...

Suck it up, climb more while you are there and take a jumper/down jacket for belaying. Simple.
goosey gamble on 03 Jan 2011 -
In reply to Danny_boulders:

For those moaning about the cold- stop climbing with your shirts off then you posers!

Seriously though, good wall, my only issue is its a bit pricey. As for the cold, you are allowed to wear jumpers in there you know...
hermanthegerman - on 03 Jan 2011
In reply to Danny_boulders:

I like the bouldering a lot but not yet blown away by the routes. Hopefully there will be a monster steep wall at the far end!

Yes it takes a little longer to warm up but if you take it steady to begin with i haven't found it a problem. We're all ecstatic when it's this cold and dry in the peak district after all!

The staff are very friendly. Not sure how the shop makes any money though as there is always at least two mmbers of staff chatting behind the till in what is quite a small shop!

MattCh on 07 Jan 2011 -
In reply to archiecb: No thanks. You may have been climbing in your vest and shorts but you would have been in the minority. I've seen one or two people like that, mainly those from other walls who haven't been told how cold and unpleasant Reading is. Your post is quite illuminating in this respect, "there were people moaning about the cold". Yes - they were moaning about the cold! Quite frankly, I'm quite happy at Craggy which is usually a much nicer temperature. I just don't want to put on jumpers or down jackets whilst inside. Outside is another matter - you expect it then. I have tried Reading again and it was still cold and quite empty. What a surprise! When Reading get their act together maybe I'll give it another go. Until then, I'll climb elsewhere like loads of other regular climbers I know.

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