/ Recommendations for videos about technique / training?

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Cathy - on 27 Dec 2017
Any recommendations for interesting videos / video channels on climbing technique and training?

I've been climbing (badly) for many years, since before any of the on-line stuff existed, and I've not paid much attention to the explosion of technique and training information. I'd like to get a bit more focused on improving in 2018. I'm more interested in stuff aimed at beginner / intermediate than at top performers. And I'm more interested in sport technique than in trad, given where I live.
Greasy Prusiks on 27 Dec 2017
In reply to Cathy:

Neil Greshams climbing masterclass on YouTube.

It's the definitive video on how to climb.
Ron Rees Davies - on 27 Dec 2017
In reply to Cathy:

Neil Gresham's climbing masterclasses, and the Wild Country/Wide boys Crack climbing stuff.
stp - on 27 Dec 2017
In reply to Cathy:

Mani the Monkey's channel on Youtube goes from beginner to elite climbers and there's quite a lot of stuff on there.

Day in Nature is probably the best resource on overcoming the fear of lead falls which you might find interesting (plus other stuff). by Eric Horst has videos, podcasts and articles.

Dave Macleod has a good blog including a recent, excellent video on fingerboarding:

(I'd also recommend his excellent book if you don't have it: 9 out 10 Climbers Make the Same Mistakes.)

If you don't mind listening rather than watching there are several good podcasts.

TrainingBeta has a long list of podcasts now, plus links to lots of articles.

Power Company Climbing is more geeky but you might find some useful stuff there.

Another website with brief, easy to read articles, mainly aimed at women climbers (though good for guys too) is They're not updating it any more but there's a lot of stuff on there worth checking out.

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