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L Nigel White - on 03 Dec 2018

I'm on a comeback journey, and training on a woodie in my garage, and on rings.

For a year or so, I've had increasing pain in my shoulder, and recently on an indoor wall did a wide push down move and completely f*cked it.

My arm was basically unusable for a week. The doctor put me on Naproxen for the inflammation, and Codeine for pain. It's settled to just the same pain as before now. I can't reach above my head, find getting into and out of clothes difficult.

I had an ultrasound scan, and it's a calcium nodule in there which is interfering with the muscles and tendons. They are reporting back to my doctor, and then she might refer me for treatment.

Has anyone got any experience of this, and what treatment and rehab options are, and how quickly training can be resumed after treatment?

redcal on 04 Dec 2018
In reply to Nigel White:

Hey Nigel, 

I was treated for an arthritic node that caused a similar shoulder situation earlier in the year. Did not reach the levels of pain you are describing but was un-loadable to climb on, node was identified via ultrasound. Physio treated node with shockwave therapy, basically acoustic waves to wear down the node. I had 3 sessions of shockwave along with rehab exercises. I was back on very easy climbing within 4 weeks with the pain caused directly by the node mostly resolved, the node had highlighted underlying mobility / stability / strength issues in both shoulders....I imagine everyone will have a different timeline depending on the individual issues but for me I was back on moderate climbing pain free in that shoulder around the 8 week period, then starting to push my limits again after 4 months.

I had the shockwave treatment with 919 in Sheffield if you are based around the Peak/Yorks, then Peak Pro Fitness set me up with the strength and mobility process.

Hope you recover well,


petegunn on 04 Dec 2018
In reply to Nigel White:

I had several nodules of calcification on my tendon through my shoulder. They were clearly visible on the ultra sound. I had shock wave treatment  ( same I think what they use to break down kidney stones) and it worked for me. You will feel a tapping sensation when it pulses but it's not painful. It my take a few sessions and several weeks to sort but I highly recommend having it done.

I have had kidney stones in the past so I think my body is partial to forming these calcite deposits.


Fakey Rocks - on 04 Dec 2018
In reply to Nigel White:

Sounds different to Bone Spurs.... Is this something the NHS will find + treat, or would you have to go private?

L Nigel White - on 05 Dec 2018
In reply to Fakey Rocks:

I most certainly hope I would get treatment on the NHS.

I've been training and eating right, taking care of myself all my life.

I've been paying taxes for nearly 40 years now and have no complicated, expensive illnesses or injuries - just a couple of broken bones patched up by nursey with some plaster of paris.

I think I'm due to benefit from the system I've contributed to.

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