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michaelofthegraham - on 12 Mar 2018

So around January I developed an uncomfortable pain in my shoulder that wouldn't go away. I tried climbing on it but it wouldn't shift. Had a scan a few weeks ago which diagnosed tendonitis in my shoulder and I was put on a physio program which, so far after a few sessions, is showing results. I'm just unsure how long an injury like this takes to heal, as the physio just says we'll see how we are after 10 sessions, and then reassess the situation. Has anyone who has had anything similar give me a ballpark figure as to when climbing again will be possible? I've earmarked the beginning of May as a possible return to training - is this an overly eager date? What am I realistically looking at here? 

Any and all info greatly appreciated. Thanks! 

vancian - on 13 Mar 2018
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I had tendenopathy in both shoulders diagnoses by ultrasound. Once I started doing some appropriate exercises I found improvements were pretty obvious quite quickly but it still took 2 months before I started a bit of climbing again and another month before I could climb reasonably normally despite some remaining pain. 

I kept on with the exercises and it was several more months before all pain vanished. Still do them now a bit to ward it off.

Maybe that provides some guide, but I don't know how our starting positions compare.

MischaHY - on 13 Mar 2018
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Slightly off-topic but generally speaking if you're developing tendonitis that suggests to me that it would be well worth doing some light but consistent shoulder conditioning work as my experience is that weak muscle = tendon joint being loaded repeatedly = tendonitis. Maybe worth having a chat with the physio about suitable exercises?  

jon on 13 Mar 2018
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I think you/your radiographer/physio need to be more specific re 'tendinitis of the shoulder'. It's a bit too vague. Which tendons are affected?

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As a rough rule of thumb, it will take as long as you had it for before starting rehab on it to recover.

So May or thereabouts is a good guess.

Keep up the exercises. 

Best of luck mate.

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