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monkey_moves - on 12 May 2017
hey UKC

trying to teach myself some fullstack web dev, and have made a little training app to help aid recording & timing of hangboarding, campus routines and general climbing activity e.g. circuits, blocs, routes etc

I've set it so that you use Oauth2 for login & account creation (just use one of your main social media handles to create a free account!), the profile page will show you the data you record in interactive charts & tables , but I've also create a function to export each table to an Excel spreadsheet as I'd imagine the nerds will prefer this!

Hope you find it useful?

I will do a little more dev work on it over the summer when I find time, so any bugs/ new feature requests/general comments etc just drop me a line at (as I'm not always checking these forums)

anyway, here is the APP
alx on 12 May 2017
In reply to monkey_moves:

What are the advantages over recording and tabulating exercises in excel or other free apps?

monkey_moves - on 12 May 2017
In reply to alx:

For me it was more I kept losing the paper and/or tweaking and changing the excel sheets (thereby altering my baseline) whenever I did it manually (plus this records as you do it, and then starts the timer automatically for the hangboarding so you don't have to the remember and enter the sequence post hang with chalky fingers) - It "should" resize nicely on a mobile

It was really the Campus board stuff I found useful, as I'd not seen anything decent to record sequences e.g. 1-4-7, or touches e.g. 1-4-5-4-5-4-5-4 and it allows you to define which hand leads by interactively clicking on either the left or the right rung

Tbh no app is going to help you train that much, this was more to automate a level of the recording as I personally found that problematic

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.