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Capetown_Matthew on 29 Sep 2018

Hi All,

I work away and struggle to keep up the climbing strength needed because I cannot get access to facilities to train - hang boards, routes, weights etc.

Without a bar, or means to hang or chin ups, has anyone got a climbing training programme that I can do between 1/2 to an 1 hour long to keep fitness / strength up, or recommend a link to read?



P.S. I was looking at buying one of those medium duty rubber bands as this is something I know will help and easily transportable - light.

alx on 29 Sep 2018
In reply to Capetown_Matthew:

Core strength.

  • Hollow body pose 
  • Arch pose
  • Pike compression core
  • Straddle pike compression core
  • V-sit 
  • russian twists
slab_happy on 29 Sep 2018
In reply to Capetown_Matthew:

Get a "no-hang" device of some kind (e.g. the Problemsolver Triangle), and a container you can fill with water (or sand) to use as weight?

Also, you can do inverted rows under a sufficiently sturdy table.

seankenny - on 29 Sep 2018
In reply to Capetown_Matthew:

I work in international development so work takes me to some interesting places but I’ve nearly always managed to find somewhere to train. A couple of years ago in South Sudan I found the gym and managed to fit it in between work and curfew - can’t let a brutal civil war get in the way of fingerboarding! This year I got a really good cycle of training done in Bangladesh, but had there not been a gym I had some slings to use a tree, rail, etc. The American training author Mark Andersen was apparently posted to Afghanistan where he got someone on his base to build him a campus board!

Rock Rings are good but I reckon the portable Tension Flash Board is better, also its light and easy to pack. A TRX is also invaluable - see the Lattice website for ideas on using it for climbing.

Slab-happy’s idea of “pick ups” for the fingerboard will also help for sure.


Shani - on 29 Sep 2018
In reply to Capetown_Matthew:

For the creative, the underside of a table is useful...

slab_happy on 29 Sep 2018
In reply to slab_happy:

P.S. There's a huge amount of bodyweight training you can do for overall strength and antagonist work, with no equipment needed; it's just hard to work the "pull" muscles that way unless you've got something to hang off.

A resistance band could definitely be useful, and you could even try attaching a "no-hang" device to it? The downside with bands is that it's hard to calibrate the resistance.

If you're going to be somewhere with reasonably sturdy doors, then a suspension trainer thingy (buy a cheap TRX knockoff, or if you're DIY-minded you can even make your own with some webbing and plastic pipe) that you can anchor in a locked door will give you some options.

stp - on 06 Oct 2018
In reply to Capetown_Matthew:

You can get bars that fit in a doorway that don't require any screwing or drilling. From that you can attach some finger edges too.

If you can go outside you can do pull ups on a tree branch. Kids' playgrounds also provide lots of opportunities, that's where much calisthenics training is done. You can get very portable and adaptable TRX type slings called Monkii Bars

Loads of core stuff can be done on the ground as Alx mentioned above, as can push up type exercises, various squats etc.. Then there's yoga. Tons of yoga stuff on Youtube.

Any specific programme would need to be worked out by you as the right exercises should be determined by your current strength and fitness levels.

Ged Desforges - on 07 Oct 2018

I've pretty much always managed to find some way of hanging from something, door frames, trees, whatever.  If you want your time to be spent making improvements for climbing, you really need to find something to crimp.  Yoga, therabands, push ups etc are all great for general conditioning, but if you can find a way of doing some hangs, you'll definitely get climbing stronger.

What about a gym and a portable fingerboard like one of these? or even a park/tree..


(or make one from a campus rung and a bit of ply)


Paul Crusher R - on 07 Oct 2018
In reply to Capetown_Matthew:

Crusher do a new portable hangboard that weighs next to nowt and is good for hanging from a bar or similar...it would be worth considering..


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