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mugglewump - on 11 Jan 2013
Hello there, Im on board a ship and would like to keep my climbing strength up or even increase as much as possible whilst on board. There is a gym on board with the usual stuff plenty of free weights multi gym etc.

Cv wise I have a good routine with circuits and rowing etc so Im certainly not piling on the pounds. However I just wondered If any body has any good training tips for a conventional gym. Usually I would have my rock rings with me but I stupidly left them back in the UK.

Banj on 12 Jan 2013 -
In reply to mugglewump: Hand-over-hand climbing, if you start off sitting on the floor and lock your legs in that position while you climb up and down you get a great upper body and core workout. As you're on a ship, you might be able to rig yourself a climbing rope. 36mm rope is ideal.
alpinebisou - on 13 Jan 2013
Roberttaylor - on 13 Jan 2013
In reply to mugglewump: I spent four months in exactly the same situation and will be spending another eight starting this May.

When I got back from sea I was climbing slightly harder than when I went away! This has continued to be the case.

The only loss I noticed was in my running ability. After a month or two of training ashore this was back to essentially the same level, if not better.

I had at my disposal a treadmill, punching bag, rowing machine, weight bench, dumbells, bar and more weights than I could possibly lift. I supplemented this with some therabands. There was a multigym style thing that allowed some other motions to be trained.

I did loads of core exercises, loads of upper body stuff and regularly ran five miles (all I could stand on the treadmill). I managed to use the climbing wall at Liverpool once a month, check if there is a convenient wall if you can get ashore for a few hours. Lots of dips, pushups, curls etc.

mugglewump - on 14 Jan 2013
In reply to Roberttaylor: Great, well fingers crossed for me then. I certainly feel fit at the moment. The type of training you mentioned there is exactly the sort of training im doing
Roberttaylor - on 15 Jan 2013
In reply to mugglewump: The increase in psyche from not having climbed in ages seems to help. Good luck.
dan ely - on 13 Feb 2013
In reply to mugglewump: good luck. Intreasting cause thats waht im doing this winter. Must say i feel fit and look stronger but funny enough I can do less pullupps. Im hoping its just a case of over training and will improve when i have a good rest.
Forearms seem to be hard to reallty blast too.

Any others limitied to the gym?
jmerrick21 - on 13 Feb 2013
In reply to mugglewump: you could row the ship? Matt?
mag_to_grid - on 14 Feb 2013
In reply to mugglewump:

Same boat here, no pun intended..I have been back from my last trip 3 weeks now and despite coming back fitter, stronger and leaner my main issue seems to be confidence when leading. I take a trx, resistance bands and do the insanity workout and tabtas as the majority of ships I go on don't have a gym. I intend to take a set of metolius rock rings on my next trip though.
pork pie girl - on 14 Feb 2013
In reply to mugglewump: in terms of hadn and forearm strength in additon ot general fitness... try deadhangs on pull up bar after doing pull ups... try lock offs side to side (hold for 5 secs each side) on each pull up rep (wide grip pull ups) ... geta towel and puyt it over the pull up bar and grip that and hang of pull up ... get a broomstick, tie a weight onto it on a long piece of string and turn the broomstick until you've coild the weight up to the broomstick... can't describe that one properly.. someone else try
Carol Goodall on 22 Feb 2013
In reply to pork pie girl:

I'm also working on a boat (too big to row) and looking to keep up my general fitness for mountaineering and climbing. I'll try your tips for climbing strength but was wondering if you can recommend any exercises for aerobic and leg fitness as well? I've not much experience in going to gyms before this as usually run or cycle outdoors.
Trangia on 22 Feb 2013
In reply to mugglewump:

Up the mainmast and out along the yard arms 10x a day?

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