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Hugh Mongous - on 27 Apr 2014
UKC Fat Club is not a substitute for giving up pies and beer but to use in addition to such self denial as a motivational tool for all.

This training article by Dave Macleod includes a section on dietary advice from a climber's point of view:

A new thread is posted each week on Sunday for anyone to jot down their previous week's sins, noting goals, successes and failures and to swap ideas.

Anyone interested in starting is very welcome but you should aim to post each week, every week, however little or much you have eaten.
By making such a regular public record of your activities and by restating your goals every week this will hopefully
improve your eating habits to help achieve your weight loss/maintenance goals whatever the level of your current blobbiness.

Link to last week's (16) thread:

Apologies to UKC Fit Club for the shameful plagiarism in this thread!

practicallypixie - summoned up courage to get on scales. 1 lb up so not too bad.
Fatclimber - 4kg up (yikes!), but still 4kg down on year start.
VS4b - back up 1 lb. How did the 200 mile bike ride go?
Sleepy_trucker - up a 1 lb (looks Easter is taking it's toll on us all). Good news with the fags, or lack of.
waterbaby - static. Did you celebrate or drown your sorrows?
Dick, Still a Fat B - Easter egg voleur. I bet your kids love you!
AndrewW - weight the same. Knackered shoulder.

That's all folks. Have a good week...

Sleepy_trucker - on 28 Apr 2014
In reply to AndrewW:

I'm up a pound again so just a pound less than I started now, despite a decent walk yesterday. However, it's back to work tonight and we've a bank holiday coming up so hopefully I can get back on track, I might even get across to Snowdonia for the weekend.

All the best everyone
Richard Justice - on 28 Apr 2014
In reply to AndrewW:

Hi, 13st 13 today, so broke through the barrier despite the kids eggs.
Sorry about that, I guess it is a bit mean.
The injured elbow isn't broken, but still has an effusion.
I might try a gentle climb tonight and see how it feels.

Anyone know of any advice on how to fall safely both indoors and bouldering?

Bouldering is new to me, and I enjoy it, especially the volume of climbing in a short period of time. But despite the biggest pad I could find (moon Saturn) I still feel safer with a rope.
Spending six weeks in hospital 20 years ago after landing on the edge of a crash mat might be a factor!
practicallypixie - on 28 Apr 2014
In reply to Dick, Still a Fat B:
9 st 13lb still. Better than a gain! I managed to re-injure MY right elbow in the Peak Distric last week....strained it on crimpy holds, thanks to a friend saying "try this - this is a lovely warm up route"....when it was actually a reachy 6a, which is about my limit - especially outside!

Re falling safely - think upright and absorb as much of the impact as you can with bent, but not too bent, knees. Try not to be too tense, but also not too floppy. That's all pretty hard to remember if you aren't doing a controlled fall. Also, don't listen to me....I dislocated my elbow bouldering despite knowing all the above...
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VS4b - on 28 Apr 2014
In reply to:

I'm still the same weight. Bike ride was good but sadly didn't do the full distance so had to settle for a really quite disapointing 151miles and 6000ft of hills. Gutted to have not finished it even though i was still feeling very fit when we packed.
Need to find another day for a long ride now.

Fatclimber - on 28 Apr 2014
In reply to AndrewW:

Up again. Not to surprised as the weekend was a bad one, but given the circumstances could have been far worse. But I am feeling motivated and I can see normality returning to life shortly when I should get back to exercise and diet again. Hoping to get to the swimming pool at least once this we to restart that process.
Hugh Mongous - on 29 Apr 2014
In reply to AndrewW:

About the same weight, and still injured. Also having to lay off any cardio based exercise at the moment (such as running) which isn't going to help.
waterbaby - on 30 Apr 2014
In reply to AndrewW:

Late as always. I've lost 2 1/2 lbs this week. Lots of walking, swimming x 2 and one kettlebell routine (it's getting boring). I'm going to weigh myself on wednesday from now on. This next week has started well today I did a 4.5 mile walk to the pool, swam almost a mile (ran out of time as pool closing
), then walked 4.5 mile back. Spent in total 2 1/2 hrs digging the garden and humping soil about, some before the walk and some after. Feeling achy because I did a new weights routine last night, deadlifts and woodchops etc. I used to be fit!

Overall, today I'm fooked! If don't loose weight this week I'll be disappointed.

Well done to all those who have lost weight and to those who haven't gained.
waterbaby - on 30 Apr 2014
In reply to AndrewW:

I celebrated!! I have a new job starting in September:-D
practicallypixie - on 02 May 2014
In reply to waterbaby:

That sounds like a good load of exercise in one day! well done. I sat at my desk for 12 hours . Did manage to get a climb in in the evening though. Down 1lb this morning to 9st 12lb. But it's Reading Beer Festival this weekend....

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