/ Walls in Aberdeenshire?

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euan maharg - on 11 Jun 2018

Are there any known bouldering walls in Aberdeenshire? I'm likely moving to Huntley which is 40mins NW of Aberdeen. Looking for a decent place to train power endurance at least!


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RobertHepburn - on 11 Jun 2018
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The bouldering room at Robert Gordon's University is nice, but just a big room, mostly flat/overhang, a bit warm in summer, not much that is hard, and not changed very much. I think you would do all the routes you can in a single visit.

Transition extreme (near the beach in Aberdeen) has a larger boulder wall, a bit bigger (maybe twice the size?), some much steeper angles, change routes more often and has some harder stuff. I think you would do what you could in 1-2 visits.

Real rock may be nearer when it is in condition - luath stone has some nice rock, but it's not very big and has a bit of a walk in, but I thought cummingston was excellent, and primrose bay looks really good. There is lots of coastal bouldering to the south of Aberdeen, which is ok but not necessarily worth a big trip.

Good luck getting some climbing in .

Scott K - on 12 Jun 2018
In reply to euan maharg:

Transition now has a training area but afraid you might be disappointed!! They do have some auto belays but some of the setting is rubbish and the routes end up being horrible cruxes and not really great for training. I avoid RGU as it's just too hot although the bouldering wall is better than Transition but doesn't get reset enough. If TCA would open up here they would clean up. Be prepared to pay probably the highest price for a climb in Scotland!


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