/ Wooden holds for climbing walls - new outfit

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Worth flagging up that I’ve no vested interest here, just that I’ve spent a lot of time and money recently populating a system board at home and regular questions come up on UKC about wooden holds.

 my experience with the main contenders have generally been 


system set tiles and some really nicely profiled campus rungs 


symmetrical and individual sets, big bolt on beefy pinches and ‘jeggs’, and of course Beastmaker finger boards


similar offering to Beastmaker holds

and an new outfit (maybe they’ve been around for a while but I hadn’t noticed)

sessionholds .co.uk

again symmetrical and individual sets

Its important that although they all offer sets and individual holds, there are differences in hold design, so it’s worth really looking hard for what you want.

you can generally specify the hardwood from a selection, and also specify wall angle and the grade range you want to tailor the holds to what you need. They all offer skin friendly, nicely finished holds, communicate well with customers and get stuff to you quickly.

i’ve had really positive experience with all these outfits, and it’s good to see climbers producing good product in the UK.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.