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Big Lee - on 02 Oct 2013
Any recommendations for accommodation in Setesdal? There are two of us. The huts at the Solvgarden Hotel in rysstad look to be the best positioned but £95 per night is a fair whack. I've found cheaper places up and down the valley (approx half this price) but they look poorly positioned for the ice climbing venues. I've got the guidebook and read the recommendations but wondering if there are any other worthwhile options that I am missing on the usual hotel booking websites?
Jayhigh - on 05 Oct 2013
In reply to Big Lee:

Back in February we stayed in Valle and rented a basic self catering hut - I think it worked out about 70 per night (that one had plenty of room for four). I didn't book it though so don't know exactly.

Location wise, you will need a car anyway to get there - I don't think we drove for more than 30 minutes in either direction and climbed for six days without going back to any venue. I think Rysstad is quite far south for a lot of the venues; the valley rises to the North so if it is warm you may want to be higher up.

It's awesome, by the way. Oh, and don't get caught out by places closing early/on Sunday etc.
psaunders - on 05 Oct 2013
In reply to Big Lee: Valle motel has huts for 4 for about £80/night, Brokke ski resort has lovely chalets sleeping 8 for about £800/week. I don't know of any economical accommodation for 2 (other than camping!).

It might be worth emailing / calling Brokke to see if they will do you a deal. They tend to have lots of empty chalets in January-February when the ski resort only operates at weekends (if at all) so they are probably keen to fill the empty accommodation. Great location, right above the Brokke gorge, with easy access to ski-tracks and slopes. Only a short drive down the hill back to the supermarket and main valley, not too far to Valle either.
Niall_H - on 05 Oct 2013
In reply to Big Lee:
Another place to look at would be the Bykle Hotell (a little bit north): they have self-catering apartments, which may be worth a check, though I can't imagine they'll be a lot cheaper than the Solvegarden people. They are pretty nice, though.

If - as psaunders mentioned - you can get Marit et al at Brokke to do you a deal, take it: those places are lovely, and are very well located for a lot of the climbing!

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